Comprehensive Nürburging lap time list (incl. stock and division spec)


I’m in the insane process of documenting the ring laptimes of every car in Forza 7, including stock and division tuned (by me).
This might never get finished, and I’ll wager Forza 8 will be released before I’m done, but so far I’ve managed to record
every car, both stock and div spec, from Classic Street Muscle and Early Prototype Racers.

If you’re curious how all these cars stack up against eachother, have a look at the list I’ve compiled.

List can be found at:

I’ll update a new version when I’m finished with the next division.

EDIT: All laptimes are from a standing start.


You should consider doing rolling laps as it factors out launch, and maybe average a couple laps to factor out inconsistencies. I know it’s more effort, but I think it would be a purer version.

As stated above, it’s always better to do multiple laps in order to rule out variables like driver error, standing starts etc. For instance, in your list there are several prototypes which are duplicates of others (787b, 333SP, etc), yet there is as much as a 5 second gap between them. Theoretically, these cars should be identical in performance and lap times, and thus should not need to be run separately.

If you look at the stock list, you see that identical car lap times are within acceptable limits (to me). I wouldn’t bother rerunning when identical cars have about a two second lap time difference on the ring. The difference in DivSpec times on identical cars comes down to me trying out different tune setups.

I like to do standing starts, because the way I figure it – how a car launches off the line should also be a factor in total lap time. The laps recorded are clean, with no significant driver errors.

I do this list for fun – and to give an approximate idea of how fast the cars are compared to eachother. I usually fall within the top 1% of ring laptimes, so the laps pretty much tell what a car can do.

You are going to be quite the Ringmeister when you are finished!

Been doing it since FM4, so you know what they say, misery loves company.

I only bothered running them stock though, as I feel/felt upgrades and even minor tuning can really throw off how a car compares with rivals, especially in regards to how you build and tune them.

I also run with racing line (for braking points as well as a general line for each car, although I’m never 100% faithful with it), and use the same assists for every car, regardless if they’re truly needed: TCS, ABS, Manual w/o Clutch. This is for consistency, as some cars need TCS to be driven fast, some are faster with it on, most cars you can probably get away with it being off, but hey, if TCS never kicks in, is it really on? I also use rolling starts in this case, and I only stick to one lap, as this is more for my amusement over a legitimate “scientific” analysis of a car’s performance. Edit - I also use Rewind in case the laptime ends up being severely compromised due to running off-track, car rolls over, etc.

It’s very time-intensive, but a lot of fun at the same time, and trust me, you will really learn this track! Best of luck to you!

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Don’t feel intimidated by the inconsistencies. Even the official leaderboard for the real lap times has major inconsistencies in it.

I know ClydeYellow tests the cars at the Ring for fun, you could talk to him.

Glad to see I’m not the only one that does Ring laps!

Started in Forza 6 and currently working through the car list of 7 (about 300 cars down so far I think). I also run a few cars at div spec with tuning, usually cars I’ve used in online Leagues or whatnot. I run TCS off, ABS off, Braking line only, full sim damage (the F&F Dodge Demon got interesting towards the end of the lap) and with rewinds, just in case I get distracted and hit a wall or gravel trap. I agree with the standing starts bit, I like to test all aspects of the car (handling, braking, top speed etc), and launch is one of those. It’s more for my own enjoyment rather than proper analysis of a car’s performance, but it’s always cool to see others do it as well.

Good luck! You’ll definitely get pretty darn good at the Ring after a while.