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Hi, I have created a race where I want to be able to drive any car and class round the Nurburgring but I want to be able to do one lap and then change car and compare the lap times on a leaderboard showing each car’s time, is that possible? I don’t want to race against any other drivatars, it’s just me in one car for one lap and then I move on and do the same again in another car.

At the moment, after I finish a race, it shows my lap time but then when I go back and choose another car and do the race again, at the end, it only shows the lap time for that car and doesn’t also display what time I got in any other car in a previous race.

I hope I make sense with what I am trying to do. I want to try and drive the Nurburgring in as many cars as I can and be able to compare their lap times on one leaderboard, rather than having to note down each car’s lap time as the leaderboard at the end of a race only shows the time for that particular race and that particular car without any previous runs.

Thanks for any help.

Short answer - no this is not possible, so either get your spreadsheet on and do it yourself or pen and paper it.

Just the number of actual leaderboards you could potentially generate 700+ cars x X number of ribbons (tracks/ variations) = many. Then think about doing the same thing for different classes and the number of players doing the same thing. Just not practical I would imagine.

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As DamMe says, the only way is record your time either on paper or spreadsheet. It might be worth downloading ManteoMax’s spreadsheet as he listed all of the available cars.
Back in the old days, FM2 used to have local leaderboards which I think worked in rivals (sorry it was so long ago)

ManteoMax, can you post the link to your spreadsheets to help out?

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Thank you very much for the replies. I thought the answer might be no. I am trying to drive all the cars available but as stock versions which I know may be an impossible task as I will need a ridiculous amount of credits in order to buy most of them (wish you could just have them all made free somehow and just pay for upgrades instead). I was considering making a YouTube series showing all the cars going round the Nurburgring (full circuit) and have a sort of leaderboard showing the times and car stats so people can compare them and see what the car looks like going round the track. Just giving myself something to do really.

I think I will create a spreadsheet and use that instead.