Complete Car Pass

It was something that was done with Forza Motorsport 4 but has not been done since. It’s something I would really like to see return to the franchise instead of the current limited car pass. I’ve started playing the franchise since FM2 & for the most part, have purchased almost everything that one could purchase for the franchise. I just feel the option should be available from day one. Similar to another franchise I play a lot, Battlefield. The BF pass price is similar more but it covers DLC for the lifetime of the game. Not just a part of it. This does not include actual game expansions or special packs such as the Porsche packs. That situation, I can understand.

I’m not aware of a ‘complete’ car pass on forza 4 there was a season pass that got you the first 6 or so dlcs but can’t remember a complete pass to all future dlc packs unless I somehow missed it.

Perhaps he’s referring to the Forza Motorsport 3 Ultimate Edition which included all DLC but it was released well after FM3 launched for those who hadn’t yet played the game.

The VIP cars and the Community Choice Classics pack were not included.

I’m pretty sure Forza Motorsport 4 had DLC released after the season pass ran out but I agree with his sentiment.
Something titled “Car Pass” should include all car-related DLC.
Even though the restrictions are visible in the description, the title itself is misleading.

Whilst it is clear that many people expect a car pass to include all cars I think there is another side to it.

With season passes for other games its the case that it will cover say 3 map packs or 2 expansions etc

If you want a car pass to cover all packs then a decision needs to be made up front how many they will do and it is a locked in decision.

To do it where they say here is a pass that covers 6 months worth of dlc they can then choose at the end of it whether to do more dlc or not - it gives them some flexibility.

And what would stop them to hand out DLC made after the “season period” to car pass owners at no additional charge?

So is the question about convenience or “please give us content for free”?


I’d rather say it’s about delivering what the name implies.
Why do you think people buy Car Passes in the first place?
Because they want to get all the car packs.
All of them.
And the Car Pass should allow just that.

And it’s hardly “give us content for free” if we paid for the Car Pass, isn’t it?

When the most recent car passes were bought roughly you were getting 6 packs for the price of 5.

So no you have not yet paid for pack 7, 8 or 9.

If you are saying you would like to pay double, so pay for 10 and get 12 then sure the maths works.

Why do I think people buy the car pass? To get 6 DLC for the price of 5.

They clearly don’t buy it to get all the car packs - if they do they have failed in their abilities to read. No where does CAR PASS imply that it is all the DLC and the description for the car pass very clearly states that it covers a certain amount of DLC and it includes the months that this is for.

People that fail to read, buy the car pass under the assumption that it grants them all the DLC, and then get angry because it doesn’t it’s really their fault.

IF a car pass included all DLC then the price would have to be much higher or at some point content becomes cheap to the point it’s not a valid business model. IF the FH2 car pass covered all the DLC the last 4 or 5 car packs would not have been released at all.

Think abut it - Turn 10 calls it the “car pass” because the DLC is always cars. It stems from what other games call a “season pass”. Would you expect a “season pass” to cover all DLC content or only a season of it? Seasons change and seasons are only part of the year in the same way that the season pass covers only a portion of the available DLC and the rest you must get separate. In no way is a season and a lifetime the same thing…

And finally, how is it any different to buy each DLC individually as opposed to pre-paying them all up front. If there is no discount involved then why does it matter if you buy them all upfront or one at a time. If it’s a budgeting issue, you should perhaps figure out how much 1 DLC pack is and how many you expect to buy and buy an Xbox Live gift card at launch so you can use that to pay for the DLC and you don’t have to worry about buying a DLC pack every month because the money is waiting for you. By not tying everything together the customer has more flexibility with the DLC packs they can purchase and it provides more flexibility to Turn 10 with what they choose to do with the DLC. There is a reason that DLC is typically announced a day or a week before launch.

What exactly does a “Season Pass” or “Car Pass” imply to you exactly?
Not talking about any descriptions with limitations, just the pure terms?
Season Passes were meant to include all major content throughout the game’s season, which is the timeframe in which the game is supported content wise.
When the first Season Passes were made available, they provided just that.
Look at L.A. Noire and the Rockstar Pass, pretty much the first of it’s kind.
What did it include? The Pre-order bonuses and all major content updates (cases).
EA still does it with Battlefield Premium which provides you all DLC and some minor more things.
It was an incentive from Pubs to get money from those who want to get all the content beforehand as the best time to sell DLC is right at launch or shortly after when the game is still “hot”.
Over the years, these passes became more restrictive which is exactly how it is with the Car Pass right now.

Sure you can blame people for not reading the description, but to be honest that shouldn’t even be a requirement.
If you want to sell a bunch of DLC (instead of all) together, call it a Car Pack Bundle.
If you want to sell all upcoming car packs, call it a car pass.
And yes if I see something called a Car or Season Pass, I expect it to contain all major updates (at least car wise for car passes), hence the name.
That’s the way I see it.
As I said before, this may be just semantics for some, but differentiating between the two would result in more transparency to the consumer.

If a Car Pass for ALL car packs would result in a higher price then be it.
Make two offerings, one DLC bundle for the first six months and a car pass for all DLC.
Can you really blame people to utilize an incentive like a car pass to better predict their actual spendings for one particular game?
Because without any concrete knowledge about what is to come this is hard to do.
I mean who would’ve thought that after all these numerous car packs there would a something like a Porsche expansion?
On that note, your last segment about how to figure out what a DLC will cost and how much you can afford is rather pretentious.

I am not asking for any ground braking changes in their DLC schedulings, pricing policies or whatever.
I am asking for a Car Pass that lives up to it’s name… Something that provides me all car packs for the game’s content cycle.
Not something that “expires” some day with still more paid content on the horizon
I have to idea why people get so mad about this suggestion…

I’m still not aware of there ever being such a thing as a car pass.

The season pass on fm4 covered the first 6 months of dlc. Whilst not a fan of dlc as such, to someone who is liable to purchase that content, it probably makes financial sense to do so. Assuming the price point is set sufficiently lower than the 6 individual packs.

If there is something akin to the Porsche pack a discount on that similar to the one they offered to VIPs could add to its appeal. But they’d struggle to sell it on that basis without revealing some of their future plan, which is something T10 isn’t keen on.

We’re all floundering around in the dark speculating about fm6 until they decide to share more info.

The prepaid six DLC bundle in FM5 was named car pass.
It also appeared this way in FH2 and it also appears in FM6.

Obviously it would cost more, but at least make it an option.
Maybe have two options: A season pass that covers the first six months and a full car pass that covers all DLC.

Entitled generation?
Don’t point at others because you are ok with forking over money over and over.
What exactly is wrong about a car pass that actually consists of all car packs that are being released?

What a dumb analogy.
Nobody is demanding free content, we want an option to pre-pay for all content that’s about to release, not just a six month window.

Some things this entitlement generation comes up with amazes me.


Next time I go grocery shopping I am going to demand its free, after all I paid for my groceries from January to June. July to December should be free.

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Does the car pass not covering all car packs really matter? I mean at the most it’s a small but of inconvenience.

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I am “forking” over for just what was promised to me,6 car packs for x amount of dollars. If they came out with a 12 month car pass I would pay for that also.The car pass has worked the same since its been released,oh and lets not forget about the free packs they have given us.

And that’s pretty much what I wish to have.
An extended car pass that lives up to it’s name and provides me all content that will be created for the game.
Not demanding free content as others apparently interpreted it.
I’m thankful for free content and I don’t demand there to be more.

What you are saying now is different to what you were saying before, hence my analogy.

What you are now saying makes sense. Before it did sound like you wanted to get dlc for free.