Car Pass on sale for Gold members.

So discussing my recent purchase in another thread I found out that there is only one place to get this deal and not very many know about it. This post aims to rectify the later issue.

If you go to the Store in dashboard then go to Games/Add-ons/Popular game add-ons and select the … at the bottom to see all popular add-ons, you should be able to find the Car Pass for $33.49

Not sure why its only showing there or for how long it’ll be that price. I do hope as many people as possible can benefit from the reduced price.

Happy Racing!

Hmmmmm … showing as $49.99 right now for me.

Its $49.99 for me as well. Might be a country restricted discount. I’m in Canada where are you?

I’m in the US. I finally found it at $33.49. I think I navigated to it through a different set of menus before. Try the exact path that DwoodOne shows above.

Honestly did the same thing and discount was there… Thanks!

It doesn’t show the discount until you are really deep into the store options. Purchased and downloaded. Thanks for the heads-up, dude!

Is there any chance that they will be releasing more car packs that may included in the season pass?
I have already bought 6 packs at $10 each and also the 2 packs for $5 each. Now they are releasing 2 more packs. I wish I would have just bought the season pass sooner!
I am tempted to buy the season pass for $33.49 instead of the 2 additional packs for $20 in hopes they release more content.
I may just lose the extra $13.49, but I have already spent $70 on extra cars. Not to mention all the money for the Limited Edition, the Day One edition, and the digital edition.

One plus,if you buy the pass you will get every car for free in game,you can have some dublicates that way.

I bought the season pass, but instead of gifting me 80 cars, it only gifted me 4 of the cars I already had. :frowning:
The the worse part is, it will only allow me to download 3 of the new 10 cars. The rest are stuck downloading at various percentages.
I tried uninstalling the latest car pack, re installing the car pack, and unplugging the system. I don’t really want to uninstall the entire game, as I like to play it everyday.
It kind of sucks to pay $33.49 for 3 cars…

Read about that problem in the June car pack,uninstalling the game seemed to be the only thing that worked,sucks i know. If you go that route wait untill it is 100% installed,do not begin to play when it says ready to play in fact you should let any download install 100%,if you can go read through the June car pack thread there were other things to try as well. Maybe this will catch Snowowls attention,hes good at these type of things,good luck.

buying the car pass doesnt gift you all the cars, it makes them FREE to get in the buy car menu the first time for each car.

I was only gifted 4 cars after I bought the season pass, and it won’t allow me to download any other cars for free, since I already own the cars.

But on the plus side, after the bonus 5 car update, the rest of the 10 pack of cars finished downloading!
That extra 5 pack, just about makes it worth it for buying the season pass so late in the season!

If you already own the free cars, surely that means you already purchased the car packs. So why buy the seasons pass if you already have all the car packs? …or am I missing something here??

You could always explain yourself to Microsoft and ask for a refund for what youve already purchased so you can buy the pass instead. Worse thing they can do is say no

Pretty much they will say no, as it (the car pass) does carry a “No Refunds for this item” disclaimer. I’ve only got past this once in my many years on Xbox Live, and that was because I was unable to even play the game online and my item was online dependent. They were able to verify this as well, and issued the refund then. But otherwise, they very rarely if ever issue refunds on passes and dlc. There would need to be very specific circumstances to get it otherwise like my situation.

But for what he describes above, no, they wouldn’t issue a refund.

It’s a Deals With Gold benefit. Forza Motorsport 5 is now $39.99 and the Car Pass is $33.49. If you go through the Get More With Gold menu you can see it:

If it’s like Games With Gold then maybe it will last until mid-June. In that case I would suggest waiting until Monday to see if anything is mentioned about FM5 at E3 before making your decision.

I wasn’t able to get that price through the “Get more with Gold” Menu, only the route I listed. Glad others have been able to find the discount. I’m in the process of adding each of the free cars to my garage right now. I’ll paint/livery them later when I add tunes. For now they go in the garage in White so I know the ones I need to work on. Even still it takes a while to add them all.

Happy Racing!

I had already installed the Car Pass from when I purchased it last fall, maybe that’s the difference.

Also, says “Deal of the Week is now Deals with Gold” so this may be only a short term discount.

It’s part of the new Games with gold program where they now are adding deals so yes right now the car pass has a discount on it

I haven’t actually bought any Fm5 dlc yet so this deal is certainly tempting

I’m in the US, and with the method in the first post it still showed full price. However, I did a search from the dashboard store for it, and it came up with the discounted price. Thanks for the heads up about it! With last week’s car pack, I was very tempted to buy it, the discount pushed me up and over the top!