Cockpit steering animations/experience

So @Turn10Studios, we are in 2021 and you have a huge team of developers and you are telling me that a new Forza Horizon is coming and still has 90 degrees cockpit steering angle? Drive club which is a 2014 released game has 900 degree cockpit steering animations, project cars 3 which seems like the best car game to date to play with controller has 900 degrees cockpit steering animations so why cant we have this??? You add formula drift cars in the game and the cockpit experience in a drift car with 90 degree steering animations?? Come on please implement 900 degree animations and you guys keep getting away with some small details that can have tremendous effects of the game experience and you have competition coming (Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown) dont let them add this feature and you guys cant add it. You have more than the ability to add this feature and at this day and age no car game new coming should have 90 degree cockpit steering animations no more thats old now.

  • 900 degree cockpit steering animations
    *customizable cockpit camera, FOV, up dwn left right fore aft settings
    *ability to look around in the cars interior, why model the interior of the cars if we can’t look around and enjoy cockpit experience?

@Turn10Studios @Forza please add this feature it is much needed now :frowning:


I could’ve sworn you could look around the interior with the right stick.

it’s only limited to left and right and extremely narrow you cannot look out your window from inside the car, it jumps to an outside view, way behind other games which give up and down and much farther left and right

I also loved in gran turismo how if you were in cockpit cam and looked behind you it was still the in car view, much more immersive than jumping to bumper cam (unless the car did not have a rear window) it was so cool to look out the back window and see active aero working

In every single installment of the game we’ve been using the traditional 180 degree of rotation for when the first person camera is used, what about in this game increasing this rotation to a bigger value, like 360/540/720 or a full 900 degree animation??? It may feel it does not make a big difference but till this day i remember playing Driver San Francisco (the first game i played where the first person with more than 180 degrees) and it felt so… immersive, the moment u went sideways for accident or on purpose the wheel would just turn more and that was a detail i really liked in there, as another example the ps4 exclusive Driveclub that added the increased wheel rotation animation as a post-launch update, so all i ask is if the devs could add this in this instance of the game.

add increased wheel rotation animation in first person


steering wheel mode without driver’s hands and freely spinning wheel sounds legit :wink:

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As long as I can turn off the steering wheel entirely so as not to be distracted by all that spinning “immersion.”

Hello everyone,

Since I would like to play Forza Horzion 5 more like an actual driving sim (I am using a Logitech G29), I would like to have a feature where you can disable the hands of the driver you see in the First-Person-View (FPV).

In addition to that, I don’t get why the wheel in the car only turns around 180*? In real life it’s also 900*, and btw. It would the game look way more realistic…

Is there an option in the settings for those “issues”? And if not, why not?

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If I recall correctly, there’s a driver view without a steering wheel altogether. Which is more realistic than a driverless wheel when you’re providing your own hands and wheel.

There are two cockpit views. The first one is with the steering wheel and hands, the second one hides both, making it a more immersive experience for wheel players.

Regarding the wheel rotation, in real life, it depends on the car. Some cars have 900, others have 180 and others in between. Implementing that considering the multiple cars, views, game mechanics and input devices would be quite a nightmare, I think.

I have a Logitech G923 plugged in my Xbox Series X console. In FH4 I’ve configured the Wheel rotation angle(Operating range) to 540 degrees. With this setting I was able to control when the car looses traction or start becoming bouncy. But in FH5 I couldn’t find this setting, neither Steering wheel sensivity like described in the documentation provided on this forum.

Is there any way I can enable this option in Xbox SX?

Thanks in advance.

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I’m using a fanatec setup and I don’t see anything at all on the Xbox version to do that. The only option you would have would be to set the outside dead zone of the steering will do something like 50 or 60 and that will force all the steering range into a tighter movement of your wheel. The issue you might have with this is that your wheel will be very twitchy and even small movements will cause the car to change quite a bit. However some people like that

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That’s a nice idea. Thanks for your tip. In FH4 I used to set below 540º along with lowering linearity of the wheel a little bit to improve control. Thank you again.

Am I blind or is there no way to change the steering angle to 360 degrees or others, at least on xbox?

I play on xbox one and cannot set my wheel -Thrustmaster TMX- to 900° which is annoying.

Tested it on FH4 and i see the setting to set it to 900 but that setting isn’t in FH5. Wondering if devs will add it later?

It’s just kind of annoying because i like to completely control the car with racing wheels.

Seriously ???

Time to get on a diet I think ^^

2023, and guess what? Assetto corza (2014), CarX, and now the Crew motorfest all have the correct animations, but guess who hasn’t move a finger to fix our game experience? FH team! :smiley: