Full rotational steering wheel physics/animation in FM?

Does the new Motorsport have full rotational steering wheel with 900 degrees of movement and physics for production cars and some race cars as they do in real life. It’s been way past the time they brought in into their games, and the new Motorsport is the best place to finally bring it. Can anyone confirm whether we have this in the new upcoming Motorsport ?

I care so much about this than the cars or content, because of how immersion-breaking and unrealistic the current animation and steering physic is.


That would require the forza team to actually put effort into a “ground up rebuild” … Look at the 15yo car models used in the trailers


Considering what we saw in the recent gameplay demo (timestamp with cockpit view driving), the steering wheel rotation is still limited to 180 degrees, sadly.

I’m afraid all we can do at this point is to upvote this suggestion:

…to eventually make T10 believe this is a really important thing for us :slight_smile:


Even Gran turismo 7 has this, if T10 does not implement it then it is a joke.


Nah, Gran Turismo 7 doesn’t have 900-degree rotation either (example video). But it has more than 180, probably 360 :slight_smile:


I do not think so. It is a shame :slightly_frowning_face:

I just realized something. Even The Crew Motorfest seems to have 900-degree steering wheel rotation. You can see it here.

Turn 10, please don’t let some arcade racer ashame you :wink:


the puzzling part is that they’ve shown snippets where the steering exceeds what was shown in forza Monthly:



Yeah, I was wondering about it too. Perhaps, and that’s my last hope, it’s available in Forza Motorsport as a setting that was turned off during this gameplay demo?

The same goes for FoV. Although this one is much more probable, as Forza Horizon 4 and 5 already have this option (on PC).

It would be nice if T10 could comment on this. Does T10 or MS red these forums?


If you watch this Forza Motorsport (2023) - June 2022 vs June 2023 Gameplay Comparison - YouTube comparison you’ll see the gameplay we saw in forza monthly looks nothing like that 2022 showcase, the trackside detail has been massively dialled back as well as the cars looking like they a floating along the track in the 2023 gameplay. Safe to say that 2022 showcase was just a tech demo and not a working build of the game, we can only hope that since the game is 4 months from release and this build is probably minimum 1 month old that things will improve before release but I’m not holding my breathe


Yeah that surprised me too the lighting was also terrible in the most recent showcase, and yes, the cars did look like they were floating because the shadows and level of detail was all dialed down.

Not sure what’s going on as this footage was running on a PC at the showcase. Yikes. Clarification is required ASAP looks like another downgrade saga.

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If that’s what they did, turned it off, then surely that’s another PR blunder as I would be wanting to show such a thing off instead of creating ANOTHER issue where people are wanting clarity but are receiving confusion.

But this is from the people who have opened pre-orders without anything about what PC specifications will be needed (still looking, still can’t find anything except “Well, this is what they said for FH5” but since this is a whole new game engine, etc, that goes out the window) so I guess “clarity” of any kind is not high on the PR priorities.

And that will ultimately hurt them


Incorrect, the game was running on Xbox Series X in 60 fps / 4K. Perhaps that’s what’s going on :wink:

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I actually don’t care,I use the internal view without steering wheel. I use a wheel to play, so I dn’t like to see another steering wheel!

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I think the showed gameplay was recorded with using a gamepad for driving and the trailer with wheel.

Why should that make a difference? Steering input is steering input whether it’s a wheel or pad.

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Because Pad input is filtered and it would look very funny having 900 degrees on very quick pad inputs :sweat_smile:

But the whole discussion is a bit pointless. Just wait for the release people!

Yet it’s possible in other games, and even going back to Geoff Crammond’s Grand Prix 4 you could get more and that was designed for keyboard/joystick.

I don’t think any turns from the monthly demo were sharp enough to fully debunk the rotation increase, but I admit that it looks pretty scary. The steering itself looks exactly the same as the last 1,5 decade of Forza.

I still have hope, but after the gameplay I believe the chances are closer to 20% than 50%. We just need more gameplay or a comment from Turn 10.