In game steering wheels only rotate 90 degrees either way?

Why does the steering wheel of any in-game car, only rotate 90 degrees to either side? This is my first time using a wheel in any forza game, and I currently have the rotation setting set to 900 degrees, and I find it incredibly off-putting turning my wheel 450 degrees to the right, but the in-game steering wheel only turns 90 degrees to the right.

Further more, I’m finding that even having my rotation setting at 900 degrees, my car is still understeering before I even turn my wheel 90 degrees either side, even when I’m going slow. Why can I go around the same corner at a substantially hire speed using a controller than I can using a wheel? My perception was that using a wheel was assist in the feeling I get from the car and I would be able to push it harder, but I’m finding that I can’t push the car at all without it going out of control.

Just for some background, I can generally keep up with, or beat the AI on unbeatable difficulty using only the ABS assist with a controller, but I’m struggling to beat the AI on the lowest difficulty setting with all the assists on while using my wheel.

If it makes any difference, I’m using a Logitech G920 which I purchased yesterday (and I’m contemplating returning it based on how bad my experience has been thus far).

Any help would be hugely appreciated.

Same issue here.
I’ve tried switching cars, changing the setting, changing it back, switching to a different car, re-launching the game, nothing seems to enable this setting.


the steering angle is lets say fudged.

the game only turns the wheel 90 degrees and thats all you have, once your wheel gets to that its full lock and sliding.

it may be that they havent fully supported 240 degree wheels or it may just be a balls up but they need to fix it fast.

Same here. Logitech G920 as well.

I’m not sure if this is what you’re talking about but the in game wheel will never display a steering animation past 90 degrees from center. The car is still going to lock however. The understeer mainly seems to happen because the assisted steering winds out more by throttle input than the actual speed that the vehicle is moving. That may also be causing some of the off throttle oversteer problems as well.

The steering wheel visually only turns 90 degrees either way within the car. This only affects the animation and not the actual amount of rotation applied to vehicle.

The reason for this animation is because the default input method for the game is the Microsoft Xbox One Controller which only has 90 degrees of rotation either way, right? A Wheel is not included with the xbox and is an optional accessory.

Turn10 only modeled the animation for the default controller. Sadly, it’s not a bug and therefore will not “be fixed”.

OP, since you’re using a wheel, I would not recommend using the cockpit view as the animated wheel does not move according to how you would move your wheel or the wheel of an actual car for that matter.

I’ve been complaining about this since the FM4 days but it seems having proper wheel animation (other games and sims are doing it) just isn’t a high priority for the devs. It breaks the immersion IMO, which is why the cockpit view is actually the least used view, even though I’m on a controller.

Maybe by the time FM8 comes out, we’ll have proper wheel animation according to the car we’re driving. Maybe it drains resources way too much - it’s important to keep our game running seamlessly at 60 fps, and THAT I would not want to lose in a Forza game. :slight_smile:

For the visual, it won’t be "fixed’ sadly as it’s modeled that way on purpose (the focus and vast majority of players use controllers and it’s just not important to Turn 10). But in my experience, when you have 900 degrees turned on, the wheel is still turning even though the visual display isn’t. You’re still going to get the full 900 degrees if that’s what you set and what you want. As for the other problem…

It’s not the wheel. It’s Forza’s support for it. I have the Thrustmaster TX bundle with the three pedal set and shifter add on. Force Feedback support in this game (which causes a massive amount of the problem you’re referring to) is very poorly done. When sliding for example, the wheel should go very light and try to force itself into the slide. In Forza, you literally have to wrestle it correct the oversteer and often by the time you manage it, it’s far too late. And due to the FFB support being absolutely horrific, you’ll seldom if ever feel under or oversteer coming on. There are other issues with it as well, a big one being that you’ll have your wheel ripped out of your hands several feet before you hit a puddle in a wet race, or even if you stay well clear of it. It’s like wheel support was a very quick afterthought.

If you try PCARS for example, you’ll see how your wheel really behaves and what it’s capable of. PCARS is utter trash compared to Forza 6 in almost every way, but I was about to return my wheel too until I tried it, which made me realize it’s not the wheel at all. With proper FFB support these wheels make it like literally driving a real car. Same feel, same behavior. I’m hoping that Turn 10 fixes this because generally speaking, the wheel should (and always has been) the absolute best way to go. The controller and assists should never even come close to touching a proper wheel setup as you’ll never be able to get the same feel for what the car is doing or what it’s about to do… But a wheel setup (even the best) with such poor implementation will make you slower than a player with 3 fingers on each hand using a controller because not only are you not getting feedback, but when you get it, it’s the wrong feedback for any given situation.

i think the game was made for the controller as turning my wheel a tiny amount puts the car in full lock.

they need to give us more turn angle so i can make the wheel turn more to turn the car.

I use a Logitech G920 wheel in Forza, and even with the FFB issue taken into account. I not only can I countersteer with ease, but I can drive pretty fast as well. I use 900° of steering for all road cars, 540° for the race cars, and lower for the open wheel race cars. and it never poses an issue for me while racing. Back when FM5 released I had a Thrustmaster TX wheel, and it was the same back then as well.

If you are using the Thrustmaster TX set to 270° or the cheap Thrustmaster spider wheel, then make sure you have set the sensitivity up properly on the wheel hardware itself. As this will affect how quickly the steering you use ramps up in the game. And I would also very highly suggest setting steering to normal, as sim steering is “odd” to say the least. It makes the cars vastly more sensitive and twitchy, and is not something I experience when driving while racing in Assetto Corsa or iRacing. Let alone in real life in a real car.

The in game in cockpit steering wheel is just an animation, and it has no effect on the total steering lock the car has. You have to use the telemetry screen to see the actual turn angle of the front wheels in relation to the amount of steering applied on your physical wheel. And to be quite honest, there are only a hand full of corners in the game where you will need to use more than a 90° turn left or right. This emulates real life quite well in this regard, at least where a 900° capable wheel is concerned.

Take the Nordschleife for example, and this real life video of a BMW M3 GTS going around there. Take note of how little steering this person is actually using.

This is around how much I turn the wheel in Forza when using a road car with 900° of steering, and is also how much I turn the wheel on the same track in Assetto Corsa with a road car. And it is the same in Project Cars also. The fact of the matter is, you shouldn't actually be using an excessive amount of the available steering lock while driving around a race track. In the real world, or in a virtual setting. The thing with driving fast in all of these racing games, is to remain as smooth, calm and collected as possible. If you are not, you will just end up making stupid mistakes all the time; as you will effectively be over driving the car.

So if sim steering is “odd” and I agree it makes driving almost impossible. I know you have extensive experience with wheels over the years of Forza . Do you yourself use Normal steering or do you use Sim? I saw your YouTube videos on another post and like you said, you barely move the wheel(looked like you only used 45 degrees max if that). Also, im assuming you use 0/100 on your Steering, Braking, and Accel. What do you have your FFB and Vibration set to if you don’t mind me asking.

The in-game 90° lock animation is my biggest beef with this game… (with forza in general). My second one is the terrible aliasing… use a better AA please !!!