C'mon man, why is this ok?

Sorry if the picture doesn’t show up, I’m new to using pictures. In summary, I’ve been checking out the 599 GTO on the auction house for a while now. They were usually around 7.5 million creds. I checked today, and much to my shock, it appears someone has bought every single one, painted them, jacked up the price to as high as they can, and put them back up in the auction house. Like dude, talk about a jerkwad move. How is this allowed, there should be a limit to the amount of cars you list or something. They’ve basically got a monopoly on one car.

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Sounds like they’re a “legendary painter”, which means they can set the price anywhere up to 20 mil. I haven’t hit that status yet, but I have hit “legendary tuner” (which is the same thing on the tune side of the house).

Best thing you can probably do is not feed into their game by purchasing at that price. If the market won’t bear the prices they’ll have to drop it back down.


and it’s a completely pointless thing to do, all those credits to spend on . . . what?


Much more reasonably priced ones have already started to appear, managed to snag one. Glad to add it to the collection, by the time I got the game the festival playlist it was in had already ended.


Actually there is, you can’t list more then 24 cars in a 24h time frame. And I have to admit I do something similar to prompte my liveries, at least sometimes. I list cars with min bid and max buyout hoping that the folks who got outbid look trought my crative hub. Doesn’t have a huge effect but it seems to have a bigger impact than posting your liveries on this forum,… (except you win a contest of course). No one forces you to buy a car out at that price. Think of it what you want,…

I’m not 100% sure, but I think I bought your gtr nismo for 20M,… :sweat_smile:


It may have actually been worth it at that time. Though I was selling it because it was a reward in the next series.

Could be, they were worth 20M most of the time. Btw, this is what happend to it,… :sweat_smile:

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Nice! I think mine is probably still rocking a Miami Vice livery. It mostly collects dust, though.

Yep. All the Miami.

Op left and probably won’t be back. Edit… Wrong about that! :+1:

How is the auction default for an untuned / unpainted vw truck like 14m? It’s the autoshow rabbit truck.

I’m still here, I just prefer to read instead of post. You all made good points and I thank you for the advice.

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They don’t care for the credits, they just want to ruin the game for players that try to get cars from auction house.