Clean laps for cutting corners?

I just watched someone on twitch take out the tire walls on indy gp then on the next lap drive through the corner whare the tires used to be and get a clean lap and the ghost was takeing the same route. these people are at the top of the leaderbords so I guess cheaters do win.

It’s a shame that it is that way. They fix some things and barricade some corners to be hopper cheat proof but there’s a couple of things they miss. You can cut Eau Rouge/Radillon at Spa. I think you can also do the same tyre thing on Rio too.

F1 cars cut Eau Rouge at SPA. Its only fair that we can do the same.

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They do, but have a look at how much you can get away with on here. In the Time to Shine rivals, check out #1’s replay or ghost. Raidillon isn’t a cut, it’s a complete omission.

The rule is you can’t have four wheels over the line/curb. Two wheels isn’t regarded as “cutting”.

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I don’t think people understand how much you can cut. When I say you can completely omit Raidillon, I mean you can cut it by AT LEAST a couple of lengths such that you ignore the corner.

No they are missing it… It was that way in FM5 and in race series usually its decided cut ahead of time to save having to police it or a pace car observer sits there to watch offenders… Having looked into it a lot - SPA the real tracks curb is much wider, almost a car width, then Forza’s iteration - but it is pretty ridiculous what is considered clean to the game.

As to the OP - since there are/were LBs someone will figure out a way to eek out another tenth and what the exact boundaries are but fear not no matter the rule - the guys on top would be there regardless of how strict or loose the boundaries are so I don’t pay a whole lot of attention to it. It really is up to T10 to set the rules and us to run inside them and if the cut is “clean” - it’s going to be exploited by those trying to be number one on the LB. Now as stated you have a race with firends and come to an agreement not to exploit a cut - then the person using it is pretty low. (never expect a public lobby to not exploit the cut)

I’m always surprised and kind of admit, to admire some guys/gals ingenuity, even if I would never follow suit. if it that important then so be it.

I would play a whole lot less if there were no LBs. Racing is only fun in private groups of friends and similar driving ability - that doesn’t happen a ton in Lobbies, certainly does’t happen in SP and being serious and getting another tenth is extremely rewarding to me. Practicing - getting better and see those result is why I race. It’s what I like to do -even if I get pissed off - I’m not going to be happy until I reach my limit.

So no leaderboard sounds like “every one wins” or participation awards - sorry I’d rather put in my best and be short and figure out what made me fall short and get on it a do it again until I’m happy with my performance. For that I need a measuring stick - the leaderboards. It can be a friend that is slightly better ranked #1230 can be that accomplishment. (I use to be top 1000, then top 500, then top 300 — with out the LB how would you know? Heck I have a #4 now and a #2 hardcore (Though I realize its really a top 25-50 for reals just not enough persons played yet)

If playing for “fun” is your thing - have at it be happy and ignore the LBs and let us that use them have them too.

Yep, drastically skews the leader boards, which is a bummer if youre skilled enough to truly belong up there, but refuse to cheat.


I like the leaderboards, and as a pretty fast driver, always wondered how some guys posted scores so much lower… but now with Hardcore LV I only check Friends and the HX LB…!

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I blame t10. Hotlapper only goals is to produce the fastest clean lap. T10 sets the rules.

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Bingo. The same people will still be at the top and still crush everyone in lobbies using a proper line.

Competing for top spots is about taking advantage of the system and all of its exploits. Following some sort of gentleman’s code is the best way to fail.

If T10 decides to patch problem areas, guess what? The same people will be at the top. Lol.

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From my point of view, the dirt lap trigger was allways questionalbe in FM. What i have seen for naow, it looks more realistic in FM6. I former editions in some corners the dirt marker was much too close to the curbs. The racing lines you can take for clean lap are more close to what a real car on a real track would take. In adition the collission handling is the same. A light scratch is still OK, no dirt marker. A litle more hard “bum”, makes it a dirty lap. I like it what it is.
If you want to go für Leaderbort to times, just learn the tracks and what is possible and clean leagal. That’s wht the top racers in tle LB’s already did. Dont call cheeting.

For cutting corners and “abusing curbs”, as i know, in the real world, as long as two whels are on the track, it is OK. Don’t took the time for now to look for wrong dirt markrs and too much corner cutting potential in FM6. Just naem Track and corner. So other players could make a better opinion.

For corner cutting at all, ecpeialy for online racing, there is some pay off … realistic tracks or too many tyre barriers. There are allready a lot of tye barriers you will never see on the real track, just for better online racing. SOme of them would never be build on the real track, too dangerous and no need.

I’ve always said hot laps should be full damage and full tire wear. Part of the issue with online racing and hot lapping is there IS NO pucker factor. I’ve driven Lime Rock at speed and there are several corners that I go through WAY faster in the game.

Part of the problem is also giving “perfect” corners for going off the track. It’s happened so many times to me in the campaign it’s laughable.

I love the game though. If they could get the PC force feedback feel in the controller and do away with the understeer issues the game would be damn near perfect. I know there are other issues but every game has them.

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I’ve have full damage on hotlapping it didn’t effect my time one bit. As Fars loboys go, no thank you. Most the field wouldn’t finish.

Hot lappers would just do their runs on lap 2 or 3 and then restart otherwise.

The ‘perfect turn’ stuff really is rubbish. I’ve set #1 times… not many perfect turn scores!

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It’s also good for passing without being marked as a “dirty lap” and the Drivitars generally won’t go that far wide/narrow. Is it cheating? Probably. Your lap probably shouldn’t count or you should have to pit or something. But it’s a “game” and I’m playing by the “rules” as presented. We don’t allow this in our local league though. If you are caught with 4-wheels off you need to give back your position. I didn’t look at replays and didn’t realize people were using this to drop “clean” lap times. That’s just silly. I don’t feel so bad about my lap times now.

I really don’t care about this but I understand why some of you grinders might. I’m not good enough but I certainly wouldn’t spend time trying to figure out things like this to cheat the leaderboard. I think it’s pretty pathetic.

I honestly think games would be more fun without a leaderboard. What would these people do then? Maybe they would just race for the fun of it?

I like to improve my own times and see where I stack up. If there were no leaderboards, I’d play the game A LOT less. It would feel quite pointless. Take drag racing for example. There are no drag leaderboards and so I have very little desire to do any more drag racing. Well, that might not be the best example, because the game mode is just garbage, but not having any times recorded is definitely a big factor in me not doing it as much.

I never said I ignored leaderboards, I simply was posing the question. This was a general question about any game. Anybody at the top of a Leaderboard in a mass consumed game cheats or goes against the “spirit of the game” to do it.

I am a fantastic FIFA player and better than a high percentage of players but it is impossible to get anywhere on a Leaderboard without going to extremely unruly measures to boost your rank. Maybe it’s a slightly different comparison but there will always be people willing to cheat for some video game achievements. I use the LB to compare myself to friends but I really don’t care where I am ranked relative to strangers. With all of the assists available and “Leaderboard Vehicles”, it really doesn’t say much other than that person spent a ridiculous amount of time running through the tracks with the same car over and over and over…

In fairness, I do quite enjoy doing the Rivals events and trying to beat times but what makes it more fun is trying to do it with new vehicles that you haven’t used much. I couldn’t imagine running through each track with the same car, every time but that’s just me.

Are you trying to bait leaderboard drivers?

I hate blowing my own trumpet but I have a few #1s to my name and I don’t cheat. In P class there are limited options and of those, only a couple get up to high PI in the class and/or are competitive. Everyone uses the Mazda 787B. I use it. Does that make me a cheat? Or that I use a ‘leaderboard car?’ You waste little time generalising and dismissing people who are actually good at the game.

I don’t spend more than 30 minutes in a hot lap session. I can run all day but I choose not to. Sadly people like you will judge if I actually invest effort to achieve the best I can. My tune is shared on the tuning forum, open sourced, you can take the settings straight up and challenge me at Sebring Short or Silverstone GP (both in the wet).

Moreover, I have top 10s in cars that wouldn’t be defined as a ‘leaderboard car’ but now effectively are. Do I need to continue?

Many Thanks.