Choosing Tire Compounds

Tire compounds are among the most significant upgrades/changes that affect car performance. I’m wondering what sort of general guidelines tuners here follow, or what sorts of considerations factor into choosing a tire compound for a given car or build, for a given class, and for a given event type.

Below I’ve described how I usually pick tire compounds, but I’m looking for some different points of view/ways of thinking about this, especially concerning A-class road racing. As I’ve been learning to tune, I find that I’ve been gravitating towards grippy builds, that carry speed well around corners, but just aren’t as fast as a lot of other online cars in the same class; I might need to sacrifice tire grip more.

Road racing - I stick with stock tires almost always (though I might upgrade to Street tires if it is a RWD build)
Dirt - almost always off-road tires (otherwise stock, especially if I want the car to be usable for road racing as well)
Offroad - off-road tires, unless its a truck or SUV that has luggy stock tires

Road AWD - street or sport tires
Road FWD/RWD - sport or rally tires
Dirt (AWD) - offroad tires; but rally if I want the car to be usable in road racing as well
Offroad - offroad tires

Road - semi-slick race tires
Dirt - rally tires
Offroad - offroad tires

Road - semi-slick race tires (but slick race tires for rivals racing)

How do you pick tire compounds? E.g., Are there other factors you consider, e.g. horsepower? Do you ever do anything less than semi-slick in S1 class? Is anything more than sport tires overkill for A-class? Do you just go with the lowest compound that can be managed by good throttle control? How does your decision of compound bear on your decisions about tire width and spacing?

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