Choosing the correct gear

Hello I’m abit of a noob with racing games but really enjoying forza.
Anyway I was wondering how to decide the correct gear to be in to go Round corners.
I seem to be spinning out a lot and when I change up I don’t have the power to exit the corner properly.

Any advice would be amazing


There is no set gear that you should be in. Different cars, different corners, different track conditions and different speeds will all affect how you should approach and tackle a corner. Spinning out is usually from pressing too hard on the accelerator as you are exiting the corner. Try to ease into the accelerator and press harder as you straighten up. Also, if it is a long sweeping corner you may have to hold a certain acceleration all the way through the curve rather than trying to move through the gears as you go around.

Depends on a few things…

Gearing, power, AWD/FWD/RWD, cambers, aspiration… It’s not helpful but you want to be in the gear that causes the least amount wheel spin exiting the corner… without any more details no ones going to be able to help you out.

General rule of thumb though is if it’s rear wheel drive and turbo charged you want to be in a lower gear than if you were a natural aspritation rear wheel drive so you have predictable power delivery not sure what else I can say really.

Best advice I can give is go to silverstone it’s got a good mix of corners and plenty of run off so have space to make a mistake. Race round the track as normal for the first 2 laps so your tires are warm. Lap 3 on corners where you were lighting up the rears shift to the next gear and try that… So if you think it’s a second gear corner use third, you want to be about mid way through your rev range in most cars. No higher no lower reason being you should get good drive while maintaining good traction. It’ll come with practice.

Edit: if you’re setting up your gear ratios yourself don’t go for maximum speed you’ll never reach it, I car that accelerates quickly will always beat a car with a higher top speed but less accelation… 0-60 and 0-100 time is more important then set your gears so you get good pull to the redline. S class you’re looking for about 200mph A class about 180mph, B class above 150, c class 130-150… Should be more than plenty for most races apart from old lemans and possibly barthurst.

If you are spinning out going into a turn while downshifting then you went to far in your down shifting. Make sure you are braking while downshifting to slow your self down. If needed, run the braking line until you learn how to properly enter and exit a corner.

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Can this be the reaoson of me losing the grip so much when entering corners?

I´m doing the catalunya Endurance with the McLaren and it´s always losing grip and heating the tires after breaking or in the middle of the kerbs, i can never go fast because of that…can the down shifting be the reson for this?

I found this article helpful. How To Carve The Perfect Racing Line

As others have said there is no particular gear you should be in. This is my best advice: If you are new to racing focus on one action at a time as you approach a turn: First Brake, then Down Shift, Then Turn.

3rd gear usually, 4th if not too much braking or 2nd if really sharp corner. Don’t ever go to 1st

The collector’s edition of Forza 2 had a book that came with awesome section on cornering tips. It’s the best racing advice I’ve ever read.

try and avoid first, even the catalunya hairpin in r class i use 2nd.

try and use torque to drag the car round the corner rather than screaming horse power. in essence if your braking, going round a corner then going back on the power, plant your foot to the floor in 2nd and it hits the top 75% of the rev range thats when the engine will be making its max horsepower and the wheels will light up and you get your problems. being in 3rd even 4th the power is spread between torque and bhp, the longer gears mean the engine has to work a lot harder to lose traction. because the engine isnt screaming you’ll think its slower at first, it may well be while you get used to it but you will be smoother, and with smoothness comes the speed.

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