Getting gearing right

Hello all, I am in need with some help from all of you that proficient in the tuning of the gear box. I am having trouble getting the gearing right. I understand the concept behind changing the final drive gear, and the individual gears effect on the cars but getting the right has eluded me. So if any one has some tips or advice please let me know. Thank you.

There are a number of factors.

Most important factors are the car and track combo. You’re not going to run a tiny little Miata on Le Mans. So when you tune for a track, you should know the length.

Then the next important bit is the car’s power band. Some cars like BMWs, V8 Supercars and the Sauber C9 are really peaky and hence it’s sometimes hard to stay on the power all of the time. As a rule of thumb, I try to stay in the power as much as possible. Cars with really nice and wide power bands are good for me, you can use less gears as they’ll sit on the power everywhere and you save time from not having to shift.

If you’d like me to elaborate on anything, please ask :slight_smile:

First of all of all thank you MotorHead for replying. One question I have is it best to just change the final drive gear, then start changing each individual gear, or change individual gears then the final gear, I have noticed on some cars that is the case. When my fellow club members get together for your weekly meets I can hold my own for a few laps, but then they just start pulling away from me, and is because they seem to have a better trans setup then me. Well thank you for any more help you can pass on.

Adjust final drive first before individual gears. Here’s why: final drive is a ratio of gearing. And each individual gear is a ratio based off the final drive. If you adjust the individual gears before the final drive, when you do adjust the final drive you are effectively adjusting the individual gears as well thus changing the ratio again from what you initially adjusted it to.

I always side with acceleration bias on my final drive. Someone told me there was a small performance gain from this. I’ve done it ever since and well, I see no performance loss! But yeah, my transmissions are always heavily worked on.

Are you running manual w/ clutch? That is significantly faster than manual sequential, more so in lower classes. Just because you’ll gain that little bit on every upshift.

What cars do you run in these meets?

I drive in manual no clutch, Took me long enough to switch from auto, so trying something new at this point would only makes things worse. As far as what cars I use it varies from meet to meet. We could be running D class one week R1 the next. I have been doing a little better but still not good enough. Thanks for all help it’s appreciated.