Chicane cutting!

Is there any way that people cutting chicanes can be restricted? At least in the leagues? I am in the elite division, but still see it all the time. Doubly so on the Bugatti circuit. It is quite frustrating to be racing legit and see this happen. Especially if you lose time each lap to this. If in leagues you will be racing for points, everyone should be forced to race properly. No racing series would ever stand for such a thing.


I’m 100% with you on this one, but this have been discussed many times before on the forums without any change or hope. A few suggested “just outrace the cutters” which of course is a lot of crap, so I prefer to spectate those tracks and focus/race the ones not offering cutting facilities. Hopefully it will get better or I will get better to move from Elite to Pinnacle where I believe it’s happening much less.

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That’s up to Turn 10.

So far they’ve only made one post-release corner-cutting adjustment: An additional barrier at Lime Rock (Turn 5) to prevent people taking an off-road to improve their laptimes.

Believe it or not there are professional racing series out there that have no track limits…

…and do these pro drivers making millions of dollars say “I wouldn’t cut that corner, it just wouldn’t be proper”…hell no…they are all over it like fleas on a dog. They are paid to win races and if jumping that curb will cut a little time off they do it because that is the way the track is presented to them. Don’t believe me?..go watch any nascar race at Sonoma or Phoenix

It’s no different here…there are no rules or penalties for going outside of the track limits…so why not cut?..this is what we’ve been given…use it


Jumping a kerb and going +20feet off track are 2 different things…
Then again, if cutting isn’t that big of a deal, if the track is set to Catalunya GP why I can’t just cut it a bit and drive only national layout. it isn’t any bigger deal afterall…


never watched nascar at phoenix have you?..they cut the back straight by at least 40 ft…at Sonoma they use all of the overrun at turn 5…and are on the wrong side of the curb at turn 11…and these are professional race car drivers…and you expect it to be any different in a video game?

Turn 10 took care of the big cuts like the example you quoted…but i’m glad they didn’t use sticky grass like the chicane at sedona

Many of the old circuits (any circuit that was in a pervious Forza) with this issue had stick grass/tarmac. With this gone, it is now possible. Try the same stunt on Bugatti in FM3 or 5, Sonoma/Infineon in FM4. The very thing we hate eliminated another thing we hate. It’s a better alternative to all the unnecessary barriers.

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Unbelievable !


Murican race mentality.

Just dont expect that I’ll move out of the way if someone tries to get back on the track again after cutting a corner.


There are no rules or penalties for driving head first into a pack of cars negotiating a hairpin either…



But that won’t help you win a race either.


Right but that is a different subject.Talking about corner cutting not ramming.Different animal and unrelated.

wouldn’t this be considered wrecking?

There seems to be plenty of opportunity to cut some corners and not get flagged with a dirty lap which would seem to indicate that it is an acceptable form of racing. I don’t agree with it per se, but if all the others take the cut and I don’t on lap one then I don’t see the point in not cutting it the same way on the other laps. It is a game after all, no one is losing money, life or liberty from a cut corner.

Um…does anybody who watches Nascar or any racing series even know the rules? Anyone sit in driver meetings for a track day?
Certain corners are altered or corner cutting per se dependent on type of car running the course for safety in real life.
Everyone stating that corner cutting lRL is acceptable just has not followed said series enough to know the rules. IRL safety takes precedents as it should. No one expects stock cars to race the indy course at Sonoma for instance. Different racing series have different views of what is an acceptable part of the course. First and foremost based on driver safety.
Yes, this is just a game. I really don’t care in public hoppers what you do. But, in leagues where we are supposedly of the same skill…well if you’re too scared to beat someone cleanly. I guess we know who the better driver is all I am saying .


seems to be confusion here. Using the curb is fine that’s what it is there for. They are turn entrances and turn exits. Cutting is having more than 2 wheels off over the curb or track. It tells you when you are dirty so you will know. There is no excuse for corner cutting. Absolutely none. Turn 10 needs to remove the tracks that are seemingly built for corner cutting like Bugatti and Yas Marina from the Leagues. Last turn on Spa needs a tire wall to prevent cutting. League track rotation is always the same. It doesn’t matter cause Turn 10 does not care. They don’t respond in these forums, the game has been disconnecting for months and they will not acknowledge the problem. Turn 10 apparently cares nothing about its customers and I am getting really tired of it.


I never realised until I just watched the replays of Monza B class, just how much you can cut the corners on this track without it being classed as a dirty lap. Not that I am saying this is cheating, if the game allows it then fair play. I’m curious as to what other people think though, do think this is supposed to be like this or is it an oversight on Turn 10’s part. Check the replays of Monza B class to see what I mean.

how many wheels did they have over the curb or track? 2 is ok. If the game says it’s clean I consider it clean. Most of the top leaderboard guys will do it in a case like that if it doesn’t the dirty lap and gets them a faster time. Occasionally when I’m hotlapping I know I dirtied the lap but it doesn’t pick it up. Seems inconsistent at times.


I noticed that while practicing for a private league race. Basically the league accepted anything that Forza allowed without giving you a dirty lap. (Of course you had to tune your car to hit these curbs at speed.) If you are racing in a private league with defined track limits and some cutting is allowed, it’s all good.

To OP’s point, the only clearly defined track limits in Forza for public multiplayer are marked by the dirty lap indicator. These track limits are being ignored by many racers which is cheating in my opinion. If Turn 10 doesn’t want enforce penalties for racing outside the track limits than they should simply extend the track limits and make all corner cutting legal.

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Last corner on Spa needs a barrier, you can just fly right through there. Sucks, you do 6 laps in a league in first place and some jerk cuts it. I don’t know why people feel entitled to the win without earning it. I wouldn’t. All they have to do is put a time penalty like most sim racing games or add it at the end. I’ll take either one. Yea it will suck if you make a mistake and it calls it as cutting but it will be better. Hey you didn’t earn it in that case. That’s life