Cheated AI make the game unenjoyable

I’m a recent player - one month actually - and this game is nothing but frustration with this AI: Always a better acceleration in straight line, sudden boost and even teleportation to block my car.

It’s even worse in unbeatable and it shows in the current championship with the caterham where we are not even allowed to upgrade the car - which is terrible to drive by the way.

I royally don’t care about the “challenge”, if it’s to race against an AI constantly cheating, this game is not worth of my time, much less FH5 as a friend told me that there’s a similar AI.

Na its better in FH4 but there is some pattern first 33% AI is bit faster and becomes normal later. Stay on track and its fine they do lots of stupid things to give u chance.
Try lower difficulty and game is saying after 3 wins “higher difficulty?” and in few days/weeks (trust me) it becomes easy and u are seconds in front.

But for weekly challenges u need “high skilled” normally not too hard or u can do coop

I’m usually on Expert or one level below for the weekly challenges and in both case, i barely notice the difference.

As for the “a bit faster”, just no, it’s the same all the time.

I tried again the test with the caterham: At the second stage i was 5th and on a straight line, two AI suddenly gained a boost of speed and passed me like it’s nothing and it was impossible to catch them, no matter how well i drive.

We are supposed to have the SAME CAR in this challenge, so having the AI cheating so openly is unacceptable not counting the fact that it’s a team work and that most if not all the playersare in the last position.

FH 4 is my first Forza and with such an AI, the impression is bad.

Sometimes yes, sometimes nope. One of the big problems of this game now is that the AI is incredibly inconsistent. You can find fair races where as long as your driving skills are decent you can end up first with a few seconds from the 2nd (usual result when things are “normal”) and you can find races where there is one or two ais that are basically impossible to catch no matter how good you are. As simple as that. This never happened in FH4 btw.

Ah “current championship with the caterham” you mean the Trial. Ok thats diff story… Its AI on unbeatable and a Teamevent.
Gave it a try we lost 2-1. Think problem is not the AI its the RWD cars and with players in last positions “spinning around” its hard to get enough points