Change degree of rotation

Wheel rotation thrustmaster TX.

Base is at 900 degrees. Steering sensitivity is at 50 in advanced wheel settings. Wheel matches irl movements but it’s much to tight. It feels like 270 degrees. I would like 540 or something. How do I change this the correct way without messing up the FFB or something else.

I’ve noticed when changing the steering sensitivity setting the wheel is still one on one with the wheel in game and does give more rotation… is this the way to do this? If so, how do I know which sensitivity setting to set it at to get 540 DOR? Because changing at the base or changing in the tune car (steering angle) setting f*cks up the animation with my real life movement and FFB feels incorrect.

I had the same issue as you. Nearly all wheel setting videos I’ve watched all say not to adjust the steering sensitivity. However I played around with it and on my Xbox with Logitech g920 it felt like the steering was set around 540*. I turned the sensitivity down to 30 and this made the car wheels hit maximum steering angle just before my wheel did. I then noticed my cars with drift suspension couldn’t hit full lock in game when my wheel was at maximum rotation so I put the sensitivity down to 28. What I do now is when I buy a car I go into free play and stop on track and check when the wheels stop turning compared to my wheel, then use the steering lock adjustment setting in car tuning to make any adjustments needed.

This has made the game so much better in my opinion and I find my tyre degradation is better too as I’m not over turning the wheels and scrubbing the tyres all the time. Before I made the sensitivity change high power tail happy cars were a nightmare to drive but now with the added precision from the higher wheel rotation it’s feels great. Also I noticed my ffb felt more realistic with the higher rotation

Hope this helps

Thanks for your response. So you are using the steering lock setting in tune car? Meanwhile you leave steering sens at 28 then? I found that changing the steering lock setting it only reduces wheel rotation… no way to get more rotation. Also when I change in tune car setting the wheel ingame doesn’t match my irl movements anymore… therefore I thought this was not the correct way to do this…

Yes I set it too 28, this game me 850 degrees of wheel rotation on my g920, however cars fitted with drift suspension have a max wheel angle of 60* and my drift car didn’t reach full lock when my wheel did. This is easily adjusted by using the steering lock tuning in car setup. My setting are 28 wheel sensitivity, 40 linearity, normal cars lock range set to 100 in tuning and drift cars set to 95-96. This gives me 850ish of steering wheel rotation on all cars Ive checked so far.

To check I go into free play and use external car view, look backwards so I look at from of the car then turn my wheel to lock and see at what point the car wheels stop turning any further

From what I’ve read online if you’re on pc you can change the wheel rotation on your wheel driver app but as I’m on Xbox I don’t have that so had to experiment myself as I couldn’t find anything

On the forza support page they have better descriptions of the advanced wheel settings. This is what is said about wheel sensitivity, to me I think it should be named wheel rotation and that’s why people are having these issues as the descriptions aren’t accurate in game.

This adjusts the ratio of your steering wheel’s degree of rotation (DOR) to the car’s front wheels actual degree of steering rotation with a soft lock. Along with Force Feedback Scale, this is one of the most commonly misunderstood advanced settings.

A point of confusion among wheel users is the fact that the driver’s hand animations in cockpit view don’t turn the steering wheel more than 90 degrees in either direction. This does not represent the actual in game steering wheel rotation, just as the graphical tire steering lock angle is not a 100 percent representation of the actual physics steering lock. This is one of the reasons a dashboard camera view has been added to game camera views.

Altering the sensitivity completely alters the input/output map of the steering, effectively changing the steering ratio of the car. The most common issue is when a user changes the steering wheel rotation degree from the software or hardware in combination with the game, which can result in erratic car steering behavior. Steering ratio defines the ratio between the steering wheel rotation and the turn of the wheels. In other words, how many degrees of steering wheel turn are required to turn the car’s wheels by 1 degree. A steering ratio for a normal passenger car could for example 13:1, which means that 13 degrees of steering rotation are required to turn the wheels by 1 degree.

On PC the wheel driver controls the steering wheel rotation (180 up to 1080 depending on the wheel hardware), but in-game and in real life the steering lock is fixed on every car and is different on every car. The steering sensitivity scales the steering input and alters how much the wheels are turned for a certain steering wheel rotation. If you make the sensitivity higher, you make the steering more responsive because the steering ratio decreased. If you set the sensitivity lower the steering ratio increases therefore the steering is less responsive.

The first line says this changes steering wheel rotation so why is it labelled sensitivity!

Here is the link to the support page if you’d like more info on the advanced settings