Certain Seasonal PR stunts are not fun

some seasonal PR stunts are effortless
others take an attempt or two
the last few have me chasing perfection to accomplish
little brickworth speed zone is misery
i complained and got it done again lol

I remember there was a Danger Zone very early on which required hitting the ramp at a very specific angle to achieve the seasonal time… They nerfed it afterwards.

To anyone still having problems, here’s the list of free cars:

Hoonigan RS200 (this car is the king of FH4, can win Danger Zones, dirt Speed Zones and even some Speed Traps)
Rimac Concept Two (destroys most Speed Traps and Danger Zones requiring speed)
Corvette C6 Formula Drift (for Drift Zones… Mustang is an alternative)
VW ID R (very slow Speed Zones)
Ferrari 599XX Evo (legalized cheating makes it a Speed Trap killer)

Having a street and rally off-road tune for the Ferrari 599XX Evo makes every PR easily!!

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The VW ID R as you have listed, I use exclusively for any narrow or windy Speed Zones. Especially if there are obstacles at the side of the road; fences, walls, drop-offs etc.

The PR Speed Zone currently, I just set 110 mph and got in the Top 1%. It doesn’t have a high top speed, but it has grip for days, hardly needs to slow down for turns, and accelerates like a demon. So yeah, it’s my go-to for those types of things. Used it for this week’s trap as well, so it does have some decent speed, just not like any of the other ones listed. It’s no 599XX lol.

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X class Agera does them all but it is nice every now and then to use a different car to complete them.

I usually do the stunts first go nowadays.