Cat sound?

Dang, and I thought I was having fun with my Escort Mk 2 making squeaky dog toy noises on gear changes . . .

My dogs will have a field day if they hear the cat . .

So… T10, care to explain? Some intern get another “glorious” idea or something?

yes their is a cat meow in a lot of the races.

Prague is haunted by cats - you hear them all around the built up areas, especially when you drive Niki Lauda’s Ferarri

Whilst rather amusing, one thing has been overlooked. Forced Induction.
Does the car have ANY form of Forced/centrifugal induction part? That could be why, as im sure the Centrifugal superchargers sound a bit ‘wild’ (Sorry, just had to…) It does seem to ‘roar’ when you hit the higher revs.

I do love the sound of a blower. I’ve driven a Lightning since '99.

When you hear this sound you will instantly know it has nothing to do with the car. If anyone is interested, I will try to save a better example.

I definitely want to hear a better example if you get one, the video you posted earlier I played it back a bunch of times but I still didn’t hear the cat noise.

Link to a Double Kitteh

Easy way to duplicate it

Take your quietest car to Prague Full, I used the 2010 Audi Coupe
Let the drivatars clear the main drag
Troll that straight section, especially the crosswalk just prior to the starting line
Kitties guaranteed

I remember reading that they used animal sounds in the mix,perhaps thats it.

Because cats are louder than cars, right?

Perhaps they muffed it up?

Turn 10 screw up? Never can I imagine such a thing! end of sarcasm

I see it as just a fun ambient noise (now that I know they’re not making fun of me). Low volume to not be annoying.

I’m not normally an apologist. The menu system is to die from.

Link for the stubborn

Heard it myself for the first time this morning at the bottom of the hill at Prague. Definite meow, no two ways about it . . .

Maybe its a game “Easter Egg” ?

I heard this sound on many tracks but mostly in Prague. I just heard it again and I’m pretty sure it is one of those compressed air horns and when you are whizzing by at great speed the sound stretches and can sound like a cat. Either way it is very amusing hearing that sound in the midst of frantically racing your backside off :smiley:

You have to be kidding. Did you listen to the sample above? Go as slow as you like over the crosswalk and tell me it changes.

It’s an air horn.

As the Mum to three quite vocal shelter adopted felines this was interesting, but given the preponderance of whistles from the crowd at Prague and the fact they don’t change at varying speeds, these noises are air horns with Doppler Shift that is inaccurately represented at slower speeds. Or alternatively:


Edit: I just want to say I have never heard the sound at low speeds only in races and those times I did feel it sounded like air horns.

okay so I just chose Prague short and drove real slow. I heard what sounded like a cat once ha ha but several times I heard a longer squealing sound that really did sound like an air horn albeit a weak one. So maybe there are both cats and air horns :slight_smile:

I heard that was Axl Roses’ new band, “Cats and air horns”:wink: