Annoying background noise

I’m not sure if its meant to be a bird whistling or something, but the consistent whistling sound is frustrating, its like you recorded tinnitus then added it to the game, could we have an option to turn them off please?

Also every single car has a whine from 4th gear upward on standard gearbox which is a little annoying, makes sense for sequential etc but not a factory road car gearbox :-1:


The ambient fauna bird “whistle” is extremely loud and annoying, especially when you’re hanging out at the house going through menus/upgrades/tunes/etc. I actually had to turn my volume off while I was upgrading my car last night.

just heard this sound and i had to quit the game and reload

but, before that … the sandstorm sound was in my house :frowning:

This was bugging the hell out of me (and still is).
Maybe there’ll be a house away from their territory?