Cat sound?

The wife and I frequently hear the sound of a cat when racing. Not sure if there’s a specific trigger, but I fear it’s our lack of finesse on the tarmac. Anyone else hear it?

Searching here turned up nothing and I only got one hit from googling which was not acknowledged so we’re hoping it’s not group hysteria.

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I have heard it! On Sebring tracks I believe. Im sure they didnt intend on a cat noise but there is something in the background that sounds similar.

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Sometimes you can here a whistle blow when going by one of the spotters, maybe that’s what your hearing?

I have heard whistles but this is different. I will post an example tomorrow.

No. There is definitely a cat’s meow in the game. I have not been able to come up with any reasonable explanation for why it would be in there or any other sound that is at the track environment that even slightly resembles and could be mistaken for a cat’s meow.

The whistles, on the other hand, are a part of the environment at a race track. Corner workers use them to get the attention of the next station up or down the track. The sound is of a frequency that they can be heard over all the engine noise.

I have heard it many times on several different tracks, thought it was just the crowd cheering but with the speed of the car causing a Doppler effect, always makes me laugh, sounds like someone pulling a cat by it’s tail. (Not that i condone that kind of behavior,not at a race track anyway)

Air horn + doppler = meeow.

I haven’t heard it myself, but I believe it’s an indication that you’re driving too slow. You can fill in the rest;)

Are you sure its in-game? And is it when you’re shifting? Try playing with the sound muted.

From my experience, its more of a whistle while shifting only, and its being made by something in the remote. Of course, your results may differ.

I haven’t heard it but I REALLY WANT TO OMG I LOVE KITTIES

I seriously almost fell out of my chair on that one.

That sound is definitely there. I believe it has to be some background noise where maybe they went a little far to try and produce a doppler effect in the sound. The first time I heard it, I had a friend over who pointed it out. I had played for weeks and 1 minute into him watching a race he heard it. Then a minute later I heard it too. Maybe a whistle or whatever but the sound Im hearing is, softly, “meeeow”…

Lol, when I first started hearing it I went up on my roof thinking there was a scared cat up there or something.

My dogs used to bark at it when I first got the game…now they are used to it.
I think its supposed to be some sort of crowd noise…

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uhhh…ive never heard this sound

I think the sweeping turn before going over the bridge at Prague is a good place to get to hear it. It might even show up at the short versions but I think you’ll want to be going counterclockwise. I can’t recall hearing it going clockwise. It’s also not every lap and it does appear on other tracks as well just I don’t recall a frequent occurrence on those like Prague

Here’s a sample:

I found that it is not saved by Forza when you save a whole race. This clip is on a straight with the pedal floored so that rules out some sort of Turn 10 encouragement/condescension. It’s much more prominent on my AV system and when a big V8 is not accelerating.

i dont hear anything…

Starts here about one second in

That one is obscured by the car. Anybody got a better one?

All I hear is a cat purring…or is that the motor lol

Sounds to me like you have installed a supercharger on this car and you’re hearing the blower whine through the reverb

sounds like one of these, popular at rallies and other sporting events: