Cars - Universal Studios Jeep Wrangler Sahara "Jurassic Park" : incorrect gearbox type

The gearbox in this DLC car is just…confused.

As we can see here, it’s clearly supposed to be a manual transmission visually, and while driving the character does make shifting animations.

Buuuut, the transmission in game only has three speeds.

Yes, the real life YJ Wrangler did come with an optional three speed automatic. But that’s clearly not what this car has. It clearly should have the 5 speed manual these Wranglers had in real life, and honestly the stock transmission being completely inaccurate in a paid DLC car is not good optics at all.

I posted this issue in the Forza main discord and was told by a moderator “I wouldn’t be surprised if the actual car they scanned had a 3 speed manual.”. Which is just incorrect, 3 speed manuals have not been a thing since the 1970s.

I hope this issue is fixed and the transmission is changed to one with 5 speeds.

Had a look for this, the only thing i found is this:

That wasn’t a mod saying it, that was another user