Cars - Hyundai i30 N 2020 - Transmission & Speedometer issue

The i30 N in-game is a 8-speed DCT, but why does it act like a 6-speed Manual? It only got up to 6 gears maximum. Also, the shifting is slow, as this explains why.

We might end up installing a Race clutch and a Race 8-speed transmission instead. Although, the model of the i30 N in FH5 is the 8-DCT version, which is not an issue. What I’m talking about is the shifting behavior and maximum gears of 6, which is the main problem.

Lastly, the Speedometer is Km/h, but it unfortunately acts like an MPH as I checked it when playing in Metric unit settings.

I can confirm that the in-car speedometer is animated as if it’s reading MPH regardless of what speed unit you are actually using.

As for the transmission issue, this is not the first car in the franchise to have a gearbox discrepancy between the car as modeled, and how it actually behaves in-game. The BMW M235i from Forza Motorsport 6 and Horizon 3 is modelled on an example with the 8AT, but behaves in-game as if it had the 6MT.

The obvious solution to this issue that PGG can perform from the backend would be to straight up copy the transmission, clutch, and shifting behavior from the Kona N, which is fitted with the EXACT SAME 8-speed DCT, though I’m not sure if they’ll do this as copying over the Kona N’s transmission coding wholesale may result in the base PI being altered.


Yes, the Kona N and i30 N had the same FWD powertrain. Only if the i30 N is equipped with a DCT.

So technically, I have upgraded the i30’s clutch to Race, and gave it an 8-speed Race transmission. That way, it can act like it has a DCT (sort of), concerning that the car’s model has the 8-speed DCT gearbox.


Very weird that they missed it. They even made a point of highlighting that it is a facelift model with a DCT during the monthly.

Also, is anyone else bothered by the sound? I feel like they’ve over done it. Standard Forza “pops 'n bangs” exhaust is way closer to the real deal than what it has rn. It just sounds like some kind of an angry chipmunk slamming its paw on a plastic tray.


I noticed the same issue. When I saw the paddle shifters, I was exited since the Kona N (same engine and transmission as the DCT i30N) was a blast to drive in the transmission department. When I drove the i30N in the game and noticed the gearing issue, I was very disappointed. If it was suppose to have the gearing of the 6 speed manual version of the i30N, they should have modeled the manual i30N. This needs to be addressed ASAP with the correct DCT gearing. It’s one of the bugs/glitches that makes me not want to drive it until it gets patched. It reminded me of the wrong engine sounds of the DBS and C8 Z06(which got patched in FH5) and the shifting animation of the CT4-V Blackwing (which also got patched in FH5 but not in Forza Motorsport)


Someone brought the proof for the Speedometer animation issue. Look closely.


The transmission is correct, the car featured in game comes with a Manual 6-Speed only, no option for a DCT

(Top: i30N, Bottom: i30N Performance)

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Interior is modeled with DCT. They specifically mentioned during Forza Monthly that it is a facelift model and that this one in FH5 has DCT. Things like specific package “name”, “year”, “output” or “weight” is something PG sometimes discards or gets incorrect (for one reason or another).


Well then it should have the specifications of the i30N Performance, but it doesn’t, it has the specifications of a standard i30N

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But it doesn’t have specification of standard i30N either. Look at the torque figures in game and in wiki graph.


I’ve done some research now

I’ve found the technical data, the car that’s featured in game uses the specifications of the pre-facelift i30 N Performance w/ Overboost

And that model also didn’t have a DCT, that came with the later Facelift N Performance, basically, Happy Easter Dennis Norden.


Holy cow, it’s all over the place. It’s hilarious.


The i30 N has a manual option, yes. But in-game, its model is a facelift and it has a DCT gearbox. It was supposed to be the i30 N Performance Package but it unfortunately went mistaken as the 6MT option. From the pre-facelift I assume.

You are absolutely right, I checked the Forza Monthly video and PGG did mention the actual i30 N facelift’s performance specs, which unfortunately turned into a lie as soon as we got the car. They allegedly took the performance specs of the standard i30 N as it was supposed to be the i30 N Performance Package.


I’ve find the specs of the Facelifted Hyundai i30 N.

“”“You”“” have found them


I hope you’re not going to defend this one.

I have an update regarding this.

The Speedometer issue is fixed. Now, it’s the Transmission issue that isn’t fixed yet ever since, as well as the few modeling issues where Rear wing, Side mirrors aren’t black, and the Roof is Semigloss where it is supposed to be full gloss.

Only one small issue was fixed. However, this case isn’t closed.


Well if they went for the Manual then why is the interior fitted with the automated manual

Dual-clutch. Not automated manual.