Cars - Ferrari LaFerrari - active diffuser flaps not working

ferrari la ferrari rear diffuser flaps not moved according to spoiler or car speed.


see in the minute 1:30

Can you post a video of what you are seeing?

Thank you,

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I am sure you are doing your best!

I really appreciate that!

But how should somebody do a video of something what cannot be seen (because the ingame rear diffuser flaps are errorneously not moving)?!

I have no doubt at all that if a real-world Ferrari La Ferrari is not in disrepair the flaps are moving. Do you?

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By having a video which shows what part isn’t moving?

Always make it as easy as possible for the person on the other side to see what’s wrong


The issue was and is perfectly well described in the post.

From a user who opened its first post here in this forum. We all could learn something from @EconomicMovie61.

While I generally agree with you that in many cases extra material could be helping - in this case here it is just not necessary.

But if you want to do the video or any other extra work - be your guest!

Truth is now that you cut in I think this issue will not get fixed without your video.

Let us see what the future will bring…

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In some cases bugs will not be fixed due to a variety of reasons. The developers have noted this issue as a high risk fix.

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