Just noticed late addition to release notes that my favorite “emote” Carlton is gone. Ribeiro has not been working much so I can see why he’d file this money grab of a lawsuit against Epic but can you really copyright a dance move? I guess hooking the name to it makes things dicey. But then wouldn’t NBC own the character, not Ribeiro?

I wonder how much he’d want or expect to be paid for the emote to be in Horizon. I can see being upset that my likeness is being used. If I was loaded I’d say let people have fun who cares but if not maybe I’d do the same. It does give him exposure which he could use. People who never heard of Fresh Prince may watch it. Doesn’t he get $$$ from syndication?

I can’t believe I just wrote all of this about Carlton Banks in a forum for a car game.

Pretty petty for him to file a lawsuit against a dance move… he’s probably just frustrated how dried up he is compared to Will Smiths successful career so has to milk every opportunity. He went on that show where loads of people who think they’re celebs go into a jungle.

It’s a sad day when a full thread is made about a dance move on the Forza forums.


Yeah, and I know this is a racing game first and foremost just is an interesting legal issue.

I can’t knock him too much he was my favorite character in Fresh Prince, hilarious. I don’t want to be a hypocrite and say that I wouldn’t try to hire a good laywer to win the suit for me if I was not bringing in a lot of $$$. Let the legal system sort it out.

Well, I called this one back when it was first brought to light.

Bravo for him!

I continue to be amazed at how many people don’t understand copyright laws and think they are entitled to all forms of artistic creations (especially music) for free,

As a musician, composer and programmer I fully understand where he is coming from and totally support him.


Except, he didn’t create the dance. It was copied from Bruce Springsteen and Eddie Murphy, so honestly, Alfonso shouldn’t have rights to it either!

Courtney Cox did it in the “Dancing the Dark” video. This is just a money grab from a washed up 90’s TV star.


Thank you for the additional information.

So, he may not own the rights and therefore doesn’t deserve any compensation (keeping in mind that someone may own the rights to things they did not create/invent) but someone does own the rights, and I still stand by my point that the creative content should not be being used without permission and perhaps compensation.

Then there is the whole issue of the dance being called The Carlton and all the implications and liabilities from that.

Best solution would be to get rid of all the dancing in this car based game, but that is a topic for a different thread.

I didn’t use the Carlton, but my Floss emote is gone.

However it’s a racing game and not ‘Just Dance’ or something, so I don’t care.

The Carlton didn’t bother me too much, since I’m old enough to remember the show when it was on. But I have no strong feelings about it being gone from the game.

I’m glad though that the floss dance is gone, though. The avatars just didn’t look right doing it. Good riddance to that.

Can we patch out dabbing next?


How about we all pool together some funds and launch a dodgy lawsuit against all the dances in FH4 so they remove the lot!

: D


Wow, that’s ingenious. Wheres the GoFundMe?

I’d pitch in on that, too.

I’d like to thank Carlton for doing a public service. Not so much for getting his dance removed, but for inspiring that Floss kid to sue. Dance lamer than Pee Wee Herman’s, and ill-named. There’s nothing flossy about that nerdy-blank dance. E-40 should slap somebody.

Let’s not get too crazy. It’s sufficient to politely request they remove the obnoxious ones, and accept their decision.

Maybe replace them with some public domain options. Like a graceful waltz. A classy Cha-cha. Or a jaunty Can-can.

I thought this was about the car…but no…its about a dance. Sad.


You and me both.

The important question is, do we all get two free wheelspins since I had both of these as rewards.

Sure I’ve never used a single cosmetic or move but still.

2 free spins please!

Why did they remove the floss emote my avatar uses that one and it suited her and did not look derpy it was very classy with her gold hotpants and crown and wifebeater vest
i am devestated by this tragic turn of events

^sorry logged wrong account

The floss is also under a pending lawsuit by it’s creator just like the Carlton, Microsoft isn’t a part of it and this is their effort to avoid it.


ohh i just saw he is suing fortnite too but he isnt even the creator it says he stole it from someone else

He did, as I mentioned earlier in the thread.

It’s a mash up of two dances one from Bruce Springsteen and one from Eddie Murphy, it is not original AT ALL.

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