I hope the kid gets countersued and everyone use the dance freely.

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Good! I hope they remove all the annoying, idiotic “emotes”.

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Apparently it’s a prevention measure… Can’t blame them really…

QUOTE taken from Microsoft 'Forza Horizon 4' Removes Emotes | Hypebeast

QUOTE: "Following news of Epic Games’ latest lawsuit involving the use of emotes, Microsoft got ahead of the potential situation and quietly removed Alfonso Ribeiro and Backpack Kid‘s dances from Forza Horizon 4.

Although Microsoft will not outwardly say why they removed the dances, many largely suspect it’s because both emotes are the subject of high profile lawsuits against Epic Games and Fortnite, who’re selling the dances without consent. The Forza emotes were quietly removed in its massive Series 5 update today, which allow driver avatars to perform dances whenever they appeared onscreen.

The title’s “Floss” emote allowed players to perform Backpack Kid’s dance. Meanwhile, the “Carlton” emote let players perform Alfonso Ribeiro’s dance from The Fresh Prince. Not only is Ribeiro suing Epic Games for its usage, but 2K Games as well for its inclusion in the company’s NBA titles. Kotaku has noted that other emotes reminiscent of other pop culture dances, such as Drake‘s “Hotline Bling” dance, has not been removed in the update"

I enjoy the emotes, and customization options, kinda bummed to see some of the emotes gone but there is the possibility of more emotes, clothing, etc. in the future. Instead of getting rid of these features i think they should expand upon it in some way. Just my opinion.

I have now copyrighted five new dances, they are as follows:

The walk
The breath
The sit
The lie down to sleep
The talk

Reminds me of when they tried to copyright the human genome. Dirt bag move.

Need to add Orange Justice from Fortnite, my 10yo and his friends do this ridiculous spasm endlessly.

Seen this coming long ago. It’s really the only credible suit going around as it was created for a television show.
It’s a lot like the cars, they can’t just simply model a reallife car and expect to profit from it withoit permission from the copyright owners. By the way, you don’t needa piece of paper to own a copyright. I own the copyright to even image I take with my camera, you may share it unaltered to the public, but you cannot profit from it. And I don’t have to even file for a copyright, it’s built in.