Career And Multiplayer Gamplay

I Would Like To Know A Few Things About The Career And Multiplayer Gameplay Before I Go Put In My Pre-Order
For This Game. First Is In The Career Races Are We Going To Be Able To Pole For Starting Positions Before The Race?
Second Is When We Create Our Own Lobby Are We Going To Have All Of Our Options Back Like In FM4?
In FM5 Creating A Lobby Was A Pain. It Shouldn’t Take 30 Minutes To Set Up A Lobby. In FM4 We Was Able To
Change The AI’s Cars, Player Groups, And Teams. I Really Hope They Go Back To The FM4 Setup.


Not sure how much we know but in the stream I watched it was confirmed that League racing is what they are hanging their hopes on in MP. How it will work not sure but implicit in the answer was no to custom public lobbies.

Also mentioned among the interviews is that there will be an opportunity to run a warm up lap or two (?) but no qualifying runs for starting position. Don’t ask me which interview video, there were/are too many…But it fell directly out of DG’s mouth.


OK Cool Thanks Guys For Helping Me Out With The Questions. I Hope When Time Gets Closer That They Will Gives Us More Details On This.
I Do Think The Game Will Not Be Half As Fun If We Can Not Setup Are Own Lobbies And Race Rules Tho. You Guys Have An Awesome Day And If Ya’ll Hear
Anything Else Let Me Know Please.


I hope they get rid of the 2-3 laps demolition derbys in career mode …


Dan Greenawalt confirmed that the races in career mode are longer, which I’m super pleased about :slight_smile:


I sincerely hope they are adjustable. I don’t want longer career races.


and we don’t want to pass 14 cars before turn 2 and never be in danger of losing the lead.
that would be very boring.

unbeatable should be well, unbeatable!! right?


It should be as adjustable as it is in Project Cars. That is one thing that game got right.

Adjustable length and a slider for difficulty.


The campaign in 5, compared to the others was awful. I so hope it’s fixed. It’s the only reason i’m not drooling totally over 6.


Adjustable distances is a little lacklustre when you could just turn it down to shortest just to progress or get an advantage or achivements.


To get an advantage?

People want longer races to give them more time to catch the frontrunners.

I don’t need or want that extra time.

I am happy to cleanly battle to the front on unbeatable like I did in FM5 and still hotlap for the last lap. I personally see no need to make every career race longer therefore I want the choice to have the length I want whilst others get whay they want by having the ability to run longer.

The endurance races in previous FM games were ok but poor in that if you did not like the combination of car type and track, then tough!!!

If you have a slider for every race like in PCars then you can turn any race you like into an Enduro or Sprint as you see fit. I might hate Oulton Park in Formula A and not want to run a lot of laps there but might like the Clio at Monaco so want to run 50 laps.

Adjustability provides many options.

Not sure how it can be a bad thing, especially given we are talking single player career which is not really competitive against other people.

EDIT: why should I be forced to race the distance you like and why should you be forced to race the distances I like?


If you want to run a custom race you can do that in free play, career mode should be less custom. Or your just doing a more strict version of free play.

Noone is forcing anyone to play or not play free play or Career mode. It just Makes Career mode more fair and clear.

It does not need to be fair. There is nothing wrong with you running 5 laps and me running 3. After all single player career is meant to just be the single player. My career does not impact on you at all and vice versa. It does not need to be standardised to a length that someone, somewhere will not like. I see no reason why it needs to be a certain way and have not seen anyone say the sliders were a bad thing in PCars.

The problem I have with your custom race versus career is that career is probably a few hundred races. Therefore any change makes big impact.

I see no need to increase the length from FM5. Why should I be forced to go with longer races? The counter argument is why should you be forced to have the same length as FM5? Answer neither of us should - give us the flexibility.

EDIT: to put it another way - how does it affect you if I am doing 3 laps and you are doing 6 (because you chose to)?


If affects me because If I am not doing the same amount I really don’t care if I do it or not. cannot relate to anyone how much effort was put in.

The game would be less achievable.

What about less races and longer races. Say its the same and I beat it, I know how long it takes. Even better have all the races a set difficulty also, If all races were the same and even the same diff you could say to you do this race, that one was hard/ long.

Single player career is not competitive. I don’t do it to compare to the next person.

In Pcars I started doing full weekends, running every practice lap and every qual lap with minimum 5 lap races.

Later in my career I skipped to qual and sometimes just the race. I don’t care how that compares to you or anyone else. It is there for my enjoyment not to compete with any one elses effort.

If it must be fixed length then why not the same as fm5? I did it on un beatable and racing clean. You want a challenge well there it is.

Making it 5 or 6 laps will make it less enjoyable for me in a mode that is not there for comparison of effort with the next person.


Got to say, the way PCars lets you customise the length and depth of races is very very nice.




I hope that Dan take much account of this debate.

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As it has been said, the new AI is faster and slower depending their real skill.

Think it this way, you start on 20th behind drivatars, of “MrNoob” “MrSlow” and “MrWreck” Sure you pass them way before 2nd corner, but Drivatars of “Raceboy77” “Craviator” “EMW Simmo” and R1R Chronic" which started in top 4 positions, have started going, and they are pulling rather big gap quite fast.

Now assuming that you drive like some of us do, Drivatar level unbeatable, all assists off, and damage on, and not using rewinds. That 2-3 laps might not be enough to catch the lead, or even a podium position.

Sure you can go with using couple rewinds, and have damage on cosmetic, which lets you plow trough the pack at start.and therefore gain lead in 3-4 corners, but where is the fun in that?