Forza 6 Private Lobbies

I’m curious to know. Some people have access to the full game now and I really want to know if the private lobbies are like Forza 4. A feature I miss the most was being able to change the AI/Drivatar cars so you can set up proper championship races. Like V8 Supercars, GT, etc. I really hope its not like Forza 5 where it felt empty and boring since you couldn’t set up proper races. Plus Forza 5 had heaps of bugs in private lobbies. You set the grid position to random but you’ll always start last. And also if a friend joins half the grid goes to default and if a friend leaves during a race, half the field also quits. I hope someone will post some information about it since I’ll be pretty disappointed if they don’t add those features in.

I hope they are more detailed than foza 5. I also hope we can save lobby settings.
It was such a pain in 5 having to set up a lobby for league racing from scratch every time you wanted to race quailfy or practice.

AFAIK this kind of information is still under embargo. You may have more luck posting in the Motorworld Hype Review thread where they are looking for the things people are most keen to find out about.