Car Washes

Hey guys,I was wondering,will we get car washes?For example if you just done a lot of off roading and there’s a lot of dirt on your vehicle you could go to a car wash and get it washed.
BTW sorry if there’s another thread that I don’t know about.


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I’ll… I’ll, go to the wishlist thread…

I have to partially correct Dragnet. The game features “Nature’s Carwash.” AKA rain.


Car washes are quite boring. I do not want these to be in the game. I am OK with dust building up on the car in stuff like freeroam.

Of all the things I’ve read on here about features and ‘real-life’ situations to add to the game, I think this one actually makes the most sense. Yes, we have rain to wash away the dirt and grime from the cars and it is set to be an amazing feature finally debuting in the Forza franchise. Yes, car washes are boring, but imagine if there was even one single fully functioning car wash in Forza Horizon 2. Imagine a car wash where you drive in and your car locks onto the rails and the camera follows it through the process and out the other side where you can drive away. Now imagine what this would mean for the photography community of the Forza Franchise.

This wouldn’t be a realistic feature that detracts from the game and makes it less fun. I think it could be a feature that is wholly optional, as car washes are in real life, and adds a feature that only makes the game stronger.


Thanks for the positive reply,I wanted car washes in the game too!


Especially when it’s a Jeep or a Hummer… And they’re in the game!

Why does everyone want a ‘Forza - This Is What Owning A Car In Real Life Is Like’ game? It’s a racing game, no? Race then!
If you want to experience a car wash, go to the car wash. I’m sure real bubbles are a lot more exciting than virtual ones


Exactly. I’d rather have the time spent on races or making the world bigger. Besides - it’s not happening.

I don’t think it’s something that if implemented should be forced on players as part of the mandatory gameplay. The same way that I can choose to use Simulation Damage or Cosmetic Damage in Forza Motorsport 5, you can choose to drive to the car wash and get a car washed or not. I think that it would add a fun element to gameplay such as Cops and Racers, Tag, King of the It, Elimination as a hiding place or extra, and it would provide for some interesting photography opportunities. By having a few of the dozens of buildings already in the game be a car wash would not negatively impact the game.

If you’ve been reading the other threads, I’m definitely against mandatory fuel stops, breaking down, gas stations that you must visit and the such because I think they’re not necessary and they don’t add anything to the game, they’re simply a detraction of the fun. I think this could be done well and have a positive impact for those that choose to use it. Think of it in a way like this, not everyone enjoys drifting but you can still get a car, tune it up, and do nothing but drift around the map should you want. No one forces you to drift, but you can. Now replace drift with “go to the car wash.”

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Then remove features that have nothing to do with racing like the paint editor or the photomode and let’s see how many people will be happy with this “racing game”.
Now, car washes won’t have the same importance as painting or taking photos but that doesn’t mean that every new idea should be thrown out of the window, even if some may consider it boring, useless, stupid or whatever. Just my opinion, of course.


It’s not a matter of removing things. The development is already done on those features. It’s a matter of people asking for ultimately pointless/useless things to be added that will consume development time, which could be used on something more worthwhile. Like fully functioning vanity mirror lights in the sun shades.

I know what you meant there, mine was just a provocation (and a reminder about things that are not about racing but are still very popular).
About things’ value, about things that may be “more worthwhile” or not…well, It’s subjective. There are several ones in Forza that I can consider as useless or pointless, but devs clearly thought that they had a place in their games and should have been developed and featured. So, again, different people appreciate different things.

On topic; I doubt that car washes will be in the game, I just hope for a photomode option to reset damage and dirt.

Since FH1 had it I was hopeful but FM5 doesn’t have that so… I guess the jury’s still out on that one. It is a huge pain to get damage when you’re taking photos but then again, in FM5, being able to go test drive on an empty track made things a lot easier. If they want the game to be more in the vein of FH1 then hopefully they’ll include this function.

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yeah, i don’t care if top less girls are doing the car washing,i don’t need it in the game.

While I personally wouldn’t use them, I wouldn’t mind if they were in the game. I would be more likely to just enter and then exit a Horizon Outpost or Garage or something similar to reset the damage/dirtiness. I wouldn’t oppose them being in the game but I’d prefer that little bit of game space go towards something else.

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I would much rather development time was invested in far more important things like fully functioning air fresheners and interior glove box lights.


And on the older cars, manual windows winders - that you have to wind with Kinect.

Actually that feature, combined with car washes would be good. If you forget to wind the window up first, someone from Microsoft comes round your house and throws a bucket of water over you for ultimate realism.

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Bill Gates.