Car Washes


TDU2 had carwashes, with a very awkward bikini-girls-washing-your-car-in-softcore-porno-style cut scene that played. The cut scene was disabled in a later patch after complaints of how creepy and sexist it was. I only used the car wash once, just to see what it was about. (shivers)

Car washes are already confirmed for Forza Horizon 2. I believe they call it rain.


Exactly. I don’t know how to put that lock on a thread, but I would do it on this one. First off, this should go to the wish list, the. Next they’ve already confirmed this is an open world driving game for fun, not a racing game, thus things like this won’t happen. Also, like i just said, this is fun racing at a festival, not real life! Everyone all of a sudden wants cops, this, not satifided with the handling even though most people haven’t even tried it yet, and other things. Rain is good enough. Like I said above, more time & space be used for races, world, and things like that.

Soz I didn’t know there was a seperate thread!

Like this?

Dear, sweet Jesus… no… pls…

It’s only natural for some people to want to wash and clean their car if it gets dirty.

Wouldn’t having car washes just cause it to rain constantly? It ALWAYS rains right after you wash & wax yer whip…

Anyway I thought it would be quite cool if you could see all the bubbles and dancing christmas trees(that wash the side of your car)and everything else you see in a car wash!