Car stat issues

Hello this may have been posted but I can’t find it. While playing I noticed the 1-10 stats for each car aren’t normalized. Example I have an Audi RS5 with a launch of 7.4 and accel of 7.2 the sim values are 0-60 in 3.688 seconds and 0-100 in 8.375 seconds. I them also have a AMGc63 s with a launch of 6.8 and an accel of 6.8. The 0-60 is 3.012 seconds and the 0-100 is 7.345 seconds. These are both A class optimized. Strange that the higher values are on the slower car. Is there an issue with the stats?

For a test I got an Audi TT and boosted it’s accel to 9.0 but it 0-60 time was 4.023 seconds.

Same here.

This makes comparing cars in your garage useless.
I have to go in and out of the tuning menu to check each tune, on each car, to see the real stats.

Very time consuming.

The alternative stats view in the garage does not show top speed, 0 to 60 or lateral g’s.

Those stats are skewed when you upgrade transmission, or add more power since the gearing is no longer comparative unless you tune them to be.