Please show more accurate car stats [UI improvements]

Currently (Forza Horizon 4) you can have 2 cars with 10 acceleration, one being better than the other. Its fine if different cars are little different in some situations, but please tell us! I do not have knowledge about all these cars, and if i use tuning made by someone else, i can’t even see my parts or acceleration figures. All of this makes it very difficult to determine which car is good for what. And if somebody is loosing in 10/10 car to someone else, its just infuriating to not know why. Were you worse or was it the car?

I suggest grading system be changed from 0 to 10 into 0 to 100. Seeing that my car has 97 acceleration instead of 98 shows me that cars are not in fact identical. Being able to also see more detailed figures would allow me to choose car which suits me, instead of ending up with car that looks good on paper but actually is not what i wanted at all.

Currently if i download a tune to my car, how can i tell if its geared up for good acceleration or top speed? Often you can’t tell. That is really annoying. I am perfectly willing to trade my top speed for more acceleration, but not other way around. Please let me see the difference so i can make choices.

I am sure that improved UI on this would help new and veteran players alike. You could keep current simple system as overall view, just add in a button that lets me see all the more detailed stats and simulations in great detail.

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I see where you are coming from. And agree that, when trying to pick a car, expecially for an online race where you have a limited amount of time, being able to toggle between:

  • performance stats
  • tune details (the tune name, comments, keyword fields)
  • as well as have a more detailed petrol head level summary of the engine, tyre and suspension combination. would be awesome.

In terms of the 10/10 stats, unfortunately those stats are derived by PG driving the cars around a test track with an AI, and a score of 10/10 basically means the car exceeds the parameters of the test track. i.e. the straight is not long enough to determine the top speed. So on that front I dont think PG can really help us, except to design a test track with more head room, so the expected high performance cars don’t exceed its parameters.

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I get you. I remember having a car with 9.7 that was faster than a car with 10.
It would be much better if it would just write top speed, 0-60, braking distance etc.

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