car packs

I put my xbox cards code in,it says my money is in my account,but when i try to buy the cars or car pack it keeps telling me im at my limit for the day try l8tr how can i be at my limit when i havent bought anything yet?

Unless you have a valid credit card,dont buy xbox gift cards,they put the money in youre account but wont let you use it with out credit card,prepaid credit cards wont let you access it theres no point in buying xbox gift cards or [Mod edit - bypassing the word filter and sexual content not allowed - fyerball] because they dont honour there own gift cards without the credit card microsoft rip off to get credit card numbers.future gift cards should have a warning about this printed on them to let you know this from a legal point of view as far as im concerned. Thx for ripping me off microsoft

I’ve got a few spare XBOX pre-paid cards that haven’t been redeemed. Does that now mean it can’t be used anymore as like in the past ?

There explanation to me was they need the valid credit card so they know what country you live in for the currency exchange rate.thats a steaming pile of dung.the code on the card tells them what country it was issued will upload to youre account,you try to buy something it shows the money to be there but it wont let you use it.always tells you youre at youre daily limit even though you didnt buy anything.nowhere is there a warning about this on the card or with xbox.thats misrepresentation,fraudulent and therefore pay youre hard earned money to have some gamming fun and they burn you.good luck getting them to give access to what you paid for.all microsft gift cards need to be pulled off the market and warning added on card about this,if not there doin fraudulunt bussiness and liable to civil suite and prosecution as far as im concerned.

You’ll be better off reaching out to Xbox support with your billing issues, concerns and legal threats. Ranting about it in a Forza Motorsport forum is not going to help you any.

Just for the record, I redeemed two of my pre-paid XB cards last night, bought a car pack [Road America Booster] with it which was delivered within seconds and available. So no problem on my side.
Perhaps you should follow the gentleman above me’s advice and contact XB support.