Car packs question

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Couple of questions here…

  1. If I was to purchase the season ticket “car pass” DLC would I get all of the past three months car packs straight away, ready to download to my garage?

  2. How many times can you use the same car featured in the packs? IE could I have 2 La Ferraris in my garage (free of charge) or do you have to use credits for the second one?

  1. You get the past three months car packs straight away, but you have to buy the cars with ingame credits as with every other car in the game
  2. you can buy as many LaFerraris as you want, you have to use credits for every car

So the car pass only gives you ACCESS to the cars - and you still have to buy any car you want using in game credits?

I thought you got given all of those cars for buying the season pass??? Every month you were gifted 10 new cars…

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When you buy the game for $60 (or however much) you paid those real dollars for the game’s cars. You then buy in in-game with virtual money (CR.) Nobody cried about this, though some cried because they thought expensive cars should be cheaper. When buying DLC car packs, you pay real money for them just as you did for the ones on the disc. Just like the ones on the disc, you then buy them in-game with CR. For some reason, people cry about that.

I think the problem with majority of gamers “crying” about DLC is simple. We paid 60 dollars for the whole game. Which includes the tracks, game engine, all the work that went into hundreds of cars. And now they are charging us 50 dollars for how many cars? It just does not compute. It’s wrong. And even more so at the price they’re charging. What’s next? 7 cars and 3 tracks for $60 with additional cars at $2.99 and tracks at $4.99? I enjoy the game but the pricing needs to be fixed.

The pricing for car packs in forza is very reasonable compared to some of the pc racers out there, and to some extent certain console racers as well.

As one example you would be looking to pay around $12 for a single car for use in I racing, and for a single track that would be around the $15 mark. In forza motorsport 5 we are getting 10 highly detailed cars in a pack for a far cheaper price than that, and with the season pass that is 60 extra cars for £39.99 in the uk, and $49.99 in the USA. 60 cars in Iracing would be somewhere around the $720 region, thats a bit more expensive than what T10 and MS charge for forza DLC. We are very lucky that T10 keep the DLC prices fairly low, because there are people out there very willing to drop Iracing asking prices for DLC content!

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“We are very lucky that T10 keep the DLC prices fairly low”
Sorry but are you kidding me?
The DLC prices aren’t “fairly low”.
I don’t know that I Racing game and I actually don’t care about it but just because the cars for it are so expensive doesn’t mean or justify the price point of the Forza 5 DLCs.
The Car Pass is $50 and almost as much as the actual game.
The game gives you the underlying technology, 14 locations with several track variations, 200+ cars for $60 or less.
The Car Pass gives you just 60 cars for $50 and won’t get cheaper unless on sale.
How is the cost-benefit-ratio working out?
Why pay almost the same price as the game for a third of the cars?
Back in Forza 3, DLC prices were half of what they are now.

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No, DLC has always been that the cars go into the respective dealerships, and then we purchase them from there with credits we’ve won in-game (or tokens, if you go that route). It has been that way in every Forza Motorsport and even Forza Horizon.

You also have the option of “Renting” the DLC cars (after you’ve bought the pack) if you don’t have the in-game credits or tokens to buy them right away. The downside is that you won’t be awarded any credits or XP after the race (like in FM4 where in Free Play you could race any car, but you wouldn’t get credits or XP).

Also, Turn10 always gifts one of the cars from each car pack so you don’t have to spend any credits for that one car.

They don’t always gift a car from the pack - but it does happen often, but not always.

OK thanks everyone that clears that up.


And here we go again.