Car order in garage

When I list the cars I have they are in a specific order so when listing by class A my “first” cars are Audi, Ford and Mercedes with very different stats. Are they listed after any values and the game list the “best” cars first or is this random when they have same PI?
I figure there is some sort of calculations seeing if you change the slightest thing, like tire pressure just a bit, the game lists the cars further up or down.
Anyone knows anything around this?

Cars in the garage are listed by manufacturer, unless you change the sort option.

When they are sorted I think it’s random which ones come first, but when sorted by class it goes by PI, so all S2998 cars would be first and D100 would be last.

The car you are currently driving will always be first.

Im aware of all this thank you, but seeing that car order change with tuning there must be a system and I was hoping someone knew how the game arrange the cars in addition to PI and the obvious

When you use filter option to only show cars in specific class like A for example manufacturers are still listed in alphabetical order unless you change sorting criteria to year or value for example.
With default sorting (manufacturer) order of cars inside every manufacturer group when displaying only one specific class like A seem to be randomized.

Well, again, if you tune your car it moves position in the order its listed so its not alpabetic but thank you.

They are sorted like S900 comes before S899 if you have two cars the same. Then after that it is probably speed that counts… don’t know. Anyway the sorting got broken after about 2 years in FH4.

I just have to ask…why the heck are cars randomized when sorted by manufacturer? With manufacturers with large numbers of cars it makes it so difficult to find what I’m looking for! It should still be sorted by PI or Year within each manufacturer? Seems like a no-brainer

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Sorting seems to be a recurring issue. The creative hub displays liveries in a seemingly nonsensical order… because it only displays likes and downloads, but it sorts by like plus downloads plus uses. So it can seem that a livery that should sort lower is in the wrong place because it has a lot of uses (but those aren’t displayed).

I’ve taken that lesson to heart and made sure to avoid sorting by things the user can’t see.

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