Car Dynamics for Livery Editor.

Just wondering why the dynamics have changed for certain cars, when it comes to livery editor?

You have a sponsor decal, but then the side dynamics will cut the decal in half, so you have to try to blend it together with the top dynamics.

The Honda Indycar in Forza 6 side dynamics were perfect & no need to use top dynamics.

Also you couldnt put anything on the front & rear wings, but in Forza 7, its all changed.

Its now half top & side, like on the Chevy Indycar in Forza 6, but im glad the front & rear wings can now be decaled.

But now in Forza 7, the Renault F1 dynamics have also changed.

In Forza 6, pretty much side dynamics were perfect & no need for tops dynamics & front & rear wings could be decalled.

Forza 7 & blending between top & side dynamics are very difficult/impossible for rounded decals.

Also, no decals can be put on the front or rear wings (top or sides)

Well, apart from a small decal on the DRS part of the rear wing.


(Sorry if I rambled, or confused anyone)

Forza’s livery editor has always been ridiculously jenky. They havn’t fixed or innovated anything in terms of the livery editor since it was a thing. They’ve been very lazy about it and haven’t seemed to car. GT Sport on the other hand…