Car Customization Wish Lists [FM] - brands and parts

This thread will be used to consolidate wish lists related to:

  • aftermarket brand names and manufacturer performance division names
  • bodykits - bumpers, widebody
  • exhaust tips, pipe arrangement, sidepipes
  • splitters and diffusers
  • wings
  • toe hook add/delete
  • rally kits, mud flaps, truck bed details
  • engine bay parts and covers, visual matching to upgrades
  • hood and snorkel intakes
  • roof racks or other tie-ons
  • convertible / t-top / sunroof functionality (in various modes)
  • headlight delete for intake
  • light bars, police lights, tail light changes, light colors
  • louvers and cutouts
  • clear panels, panel delete
  • suspension, lift, and stance
  • mixing branded parts (bodykits, rims)
  • wheel offset / spacers
  • track width
  • rim brands, sizes, dish depth
  • tire compounds, lettering
  • smoke
  • interior (steering wheel, shifter, gauges, seats)
  • visible effects of weight reduction, engine upgrades
  • badge/windscreen decal add/delete
  • paintable surfaces (brake calipers, aero)
  • license plates
  • other branded or unbranded customization which applies to the car model from the Upgrades menu separate from paint and driver

When posting a reference photo please also add the text identifying the customized part, brand, and model.

Use the Forza Motorsport Car Wish Lists thread for listing pre-existing car models (including Alpina, Singer, Hennessey, Hoonigan, etc) or car types or engine/fuel types, and use other threads for character customization, audio, HUD/cameras, upgrade menu and livery editor features (paint types, saves etc).

This thread is for capturing community requests; the frequency of any specific request should not be assumed to mean that the developers will add it to the game even if licensing or game design were to allow it. Please do not spam the thread more than once with the same request.

one thing i loved about FM2 was the quite extensive visual customization that is just missing in recent games, plus tuner cars like AB flug supra, yes todays forzas have way too many cars fro that to happen but how about cutting the list and focus on quality like they once did?


Can we have Novitec, Brabus, and Mansory as new aftermarket car parts for upgrades?

some cars had a significant downgrade in terms of body parts. the 350z in fm2 had 6 rear bumpers, but now theres literally only 1


I’m sure licensing could be an issue here. FM2 had branded upgrade parts that had slightly different stats from each other. But some car companies are a bit stingy about what brand of parts they want on their cars.
The Teaser trailer had a lot of fictional branding in it. Don’t know if that is just because the licensing for the real brands isn’t ready yet, but if they keep the fictional brands for the final game that might open up some possibilities that would not be allowed with real Licensed brands.

Please turn 10, try getting the licenses for Prior Design. Some of the best, tasteful and aerodynamically functional (not quite sure about the last one) body kits in the world, and for a wide range of cars.

Would love to be able to add roof racks like AI cars, e.g. Bike racks, Canoe racks and maybe luggage

This is a Forza Motorsport forum, not a horizon forum, buddy.

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Roof racks? E.g. Bike racks, canoe racks, ladders, etc


ICW Racing

-ICW Racing Banshee

  • ICW Racing Euro
  • ICW Racing Drone
  • ICW Racing Mach 5


-RAYS Gabbana

  • RAYS versus Lucianna Stratagia
  • RAYS Gram Lights 57Xtreme

Body Kits:

  • Veilside Body kit for the Mazda RX-7 FD
  • Base model kits for performance models (e.g. Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT with the full bodykit of the base model)

General Features:

  • Customizable Tires (with branded tires like Firestone, Michelin, Pirelli, BF Goodrich, Uniroyal Tires, Hankook, Toyo Tires, Kumho Tires, Falken, etc.)
  • Debadging cars
  • Higher quality custom liveries
  • Brake Caliper customization (with brands like Eibach, Willwood, Bosch, AC Delco, Brembo, etc.)
  • Headlight and tail light tinting
  • Customizable Exhaust Sound (NFS Heat did this well)

My full list of customization

For aero, we should be able to choose front canard shape, size and amount of canards. I want to be able to choose my splitter size, wing size/type and diffuser size/type.

For tow hooks, I would like to see unrestricted placement for where we can put our tow hooks. Again, I would like to see thr ability to change the type of tow hook, and also the colour of the tow hook.

For bumpers, give more options for bumpers and also the option to remove the bumper fully.

For mufflers, allow us to change the type of muffler and the size of the muffler, as well as the placement.

For wheels, allow custom tyre lettering, be able to paint the tyre lettering whatever colour we want, to paint brake calipers and to put rims from other cars.

Other things would be to allow us to remove exterior badging and chrome/rubber trim on the car (or let us paint over the trim to match it with the body colour), tinting/changing/removing headlights and taillights and for the design editor to paint over the windows and for special colours to be available in the design editor…

My interior mod wishes would be for custom seats, harnesses, different types of roll cages, for weight reduction to visibly remove things from the interior, ability to replace gauges on the dashboard, and for custom shift knobs, steering wheels and handbrakes.

Maybe i went too far with some of my requests, but thats about it.

Forgiato Rims would be a nice addition to rims.

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If T10 won’t change the dreaded Forza wing, how about something else…
Transmogrification (commonly referred to as transmog, tmog, xmog or simply mog) provides the ability to replace the appearance of your armor and weapons with those of other items, or to hide certain pieces of armor. (source: Transmogrification - Wowpedia - Your wiki guide to the World of Warcraft)

In WoW, AC Odyssey and Immortals Fenyx Rising, you transmog items so that crappy baseline armor you get will look the same as the beautiful legendary set. In AC it’s valuable since the epic sets are actually superior to the legendary ones (more engraving slots).

Forza could be the first game with transmog. Equip Race rear wing with that ugly shape, but change visuals to stock while keeping the added downforce. Add that heavy Lexani set, but change it to a prettier BBS wheel. Add rollcage but remove it if it looks buggy (or add Street chassis and visual rollcage). Brake discs and tires, same.

Probably not feasible, but would preserve the spirit of the game while improving visual customization!

yeah, you’re right. but with the brakes, that would work because if a car comes with factory brembos and then you upgrade the brakes to have some unbranded brakes as red as a clown’s nose, tmogging could possibly help with keeping a car looking good.


APR Racing
Team Schrimer

I honestly couldnt care less about visual customization. I think its good enough.

But what really bothers me and annoys me is technical stuff. I mean basically each tune you do is the same and does not change how a car feels at all. So :

Part 1 : Exhaust
Exhausts that actually change the behavior of the car :
Stock : No HP Gain / Loss / Sound like stock
Street Exhaust : Bit more HP / bit more sound / less power lag / soft burble
Performance Exhaust : Lots of more HP if combined with ecu tune / serious loud / even less power lag due to backpressure + flames + burbles like crazy (which the other dont should have)
Race Exhaust : Less HP with no ECU Tune / more with ECU/ insanely loud and raspy / horrible engine responsiveness if not a 600 HP+ car/ massive flames, cracks and burbles
Can be done with Pitching the tone, no need to record multiple exhausts or cars, its just so we actually get some feedback of a different exhausts. Also the Pops and stuff can be universal from other cars.

Part 2 : Air Filters
Raspy engine noise with different stages. Also better throttle response.
Stock - Tuning Filter - Air Box - Open Filter

Part 3 : Radiators
HP would increase, keeps the HP at a high level if a big rad is used when driving at high temperatures or long periods of time, a must have for big hp and turbos.

Part 4 : Rev Limiters / WoT Boxes/ 2 Step and so on
Instead of the engine running into the limiter and cutting off the fuel, you could place a rev limiter a bit sooner and hear that brrrrp brrrrp without the engine stalling if you get into the limiter. Also WoT boxes for launch control if the car does not have it stock.

Part 5 : Ports for Rotary engines,

Part 6 : Actual behavior of Superchargers and Turbos (centrifugal,Single Turbo,Bi Turbo, Quad Turbo, screw compressor and so on)
Its annoying that every car feels (almost) the same, turbo lag is not realistic at all. Also you could swap turbo paddle wheels and supercharger pulleys.

Part 7 : Different Cockpit addons
Boost gauges, LCD Displays and so on, nothing to actually replace anything in the cockpit, but something to attach on the dashboard for example

Part 8 : Engine options
Electrifying engines, Hybrid addons for NA / Turbo engines, Methanol injection, Nitrous

Part 9 : Heads up Display all over the Windscreen, would add some immersion if driving in 1st person

Part 10 : Numbers Tuning / Fine tuning
This is where the biggest problem is imho, you can only tune the handling right now, but not the engine. So i suggest RPM Limit changes (Up-Down) / Boost threshold / Boost activation

Part 11 : Sequential gearbox like in FM7 with that nice sound and fast shift times

So why all that? Well its easy, this is a great and easy way to get rid of the old homologation system. Instead of having to choose upgrades which are cheap in Homologation points but bring no big advantages, everything will be calculated to the certain car you add it to. For example on a NA engine a different exhaust or ECU tune wont do much, but it will be noticable. But then again a higher rev limit will do a lot. So this way everything will be fair. I also suggest to not simply base everything off points, but let a car make a virtual dyno run after each tune, this way the game can generate a semi realistic hp output and take factors like overheating and stuff into consideration and basing the car of those values instead of simple numbers.

New Features

  • Feature to convert pop-up headlights to non-pop-up headlights on cars like the RX7 and Corvette C5.
  • Real brand lettered tires. (BF Goodrich, Goodyear, Hoosier, Michelin, Pirelli, TOYO, Yokohama etc)
  • Whitewall design now available for street, sport, and race compound tires





Another customization I would like to see is on weight reduction. Put it on a sliding scale. not just -200, -400, -800! If I have only 15 more points left in my class I should be able to take out weight for 15 points, but I cannot because it takes 5 points for the first weight reduction,10 points for the second and 30 for the last one. SLIDING SCALE!

Wide body kits for ALL cars. More aero options, including with with downforce other than the forza wing

More wheel options.


Would like to see other Forza aero options for cars. The one size fits all approach does not work. Maybe a couple different style spoilers and splitters? And how about a Forza rear diffuser? Also more factory bumper options would work as well. Ex: 93 Cobra R could be made to look like an LX, GT, Saleen, etc. Would allow to make multiple models with just one car adding variety. All the other customization works for me. Oohh, how about a touring car style forza spoiler? Would be great for race car builds. Other than that you guys are doing great.


Several Racing Cars could have the potential for selecting some of its most iconic liveries as an alternative to factory paint options that most production cars have.

Porsche 962C

Porsche 956

Porsche 917 LH