Car Background Color for specific Tunes

In Car Collection various cars have different backgrounds (instead of just white in the garage).

It would be great if we could set a color for the cars in our garage. So when I have a couple of the same car it’s easy to see which has what tune on it. I can see the blue background I know I set for road racing, orange for Dirt, green for off-road etc.

I’m positive I’m not the only one who own multiple of one care with different tunes on it and when jumping into a convoy or random online I’d love an easier way to quickly identify the car I want from the literal hundreds of cars in my garage.

Anyone else? Thoughts?


Would be nice to have something like that, yes.
For now I just go with different car liveries to separate them apart.

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Liveries is the way I do it to. Plain white for cars I have tuned, I put a racing livery on those I like and are good online.

The Dirt Tyres symbol is supposed to help with this but it is bugged and I don’t trust it.

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I would like to have a short description text for each car and a search option for that

I like the livery deal, but it does mean that I have to be limited in car looks.

Tires can help, but snow tires are good on some drift builds, so that can throw it off.

The background colors are already there, so I’d think it would be very easy.

It would be really nice to have the option to choose from 1 of your saved tunes when selecting a vehicle.

Example: With the vast majority of Open and Tour events the vehicle that fits the requirement currently has a Road Racing tune on it, however you have have a saved Dirt Racing tune ready to go but you can’t quit. load it, and jump back in the same lobby so you end racing a vehicle that has no chance of completing the race.

So change it so that when we are selecting the vehicle we can then select the saved tune we want to use it with! Problem solved!!

Problem isn’t solved because PGG/T10 will not let us have enough saved tune slots to for 1 each much less ask for 3 or 4 tunes each!!!

I’ve been using chrome hoods for games cars and then if it’s visible I’ve been color coding brake calipers. I’d most like to have user defined tags and tag cars into categories… like can be done with images.

Actually I think there’s a bug to fix. Cars with slick tires are marked as “offroad” by the game. They should have a slick tires icon instead.

Generally however, most things that start as AWD become dirt builds (even supercars sometimes) and I will try to build the car for the type of race which it has perks for.

Just paint the car for the type of race. Blue, green, brown-ish for dirt and so on. For me it become second thing after tuning it. I dont care about liveries and how the car looks.
If a car isgood for multiple types , i choose a color for the main type and then paint the hood for the second type. this way i can take a good decision about what i’m driving for that event.