Garage/Tune Question

I love this game- it’s fantastic- but there are still a few niggles that could be simply sorted that’d make life so much better.

For example, is there any way to name or personally categorise the cars in your garage? If you have a car that’s tuned for, say, drift, and another tuned for road racing, is there any way of seeing this?

If you have a garage of 700+ cars and then join an online adventure and you have to choose from a bunch of about 50 cars (the 600-800 class drift adventure is a perfect example of this) how on earth are you supposed to keep track of what’s tuned in what way?

Or have I just missed something very obvious somewhere?!

The simplest solution from a user POV would simply being able to add a description of each car. If renaming each car was too much, then how about a list of icons you could choose from (eg road, rally, drift, cross-country, drag, standard etc) that you could select when applying a tune, and then you’d see at a glance how the car was set up?


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Known limitation for years, Ignored by T10.
Nothing such, all you have is the favorite tag, possibly use liveries to recognize cars
Winter/dirt tyre is bugged / only available as a filter if season is winter or if previous race was winter (starting a winter CP after a summer one, filter won’t show).
additionally you can have only 500 tunes despite 750 cars allowed
new garage size enhancement has been announced but M$ issue on Halo may postpone it ( no date was shared anyway )

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100% agree.

Selecting a good car for an online thing is mildly frustrating to me. First off, the pics don’t often load, so I have to guess with multiple cars. Secondly, no seeming rhyme or reason as to the order of the cars they give you. And you can’t even sort by Make if you know the exact car you want. You have to scroll through and hope to see it.

If they do an icon/tag thing, they’d have to allow for multiple icons because there is a decent overlap with cars/setups/etc based on weather and track conditions. But yeah, I get it, so you could sort by and have those cars so tagged show up in the list. Or you could have ‘lists’ kinda like favorites but with your cars sorted. There are a ton of cars I have never driven or are dedicated one class or another so to have to scroll past them trying to find a suitable vehicle is a waste of the few seconds you have to make the selection.

Now, there very well could be a way and I’m just an idiot. So I will allow for those in the know to come correct me at this time.