Capped to 30 FPS when in cloned monitor mode (PC)

Found a bug. Forza Motorsport 7 gets capped to 30 FPS when my screen is cloned to another monitor in full screen mode. I have checked that the display options is set to 60FPS.
As soon as I hit ALT+ENTER to get to windowed mode (still cloned) FPS jumps to stable 60FPS.

Still no solution for this problem?

I got the same issue, but,

I reinsatlled Win10 and all worked nice in 60 fps even with cloned then under one race it went to 30 fps and never got over it again.
Been like this last 2 months.

This issue came in with the Windows 10 Fall update, sad to read it still hasnt been fixed by either side. Back then I rolled back to the previous Windows version, but at some point Id really like to update my system without making Forza unplayable.

Still no fix for this bug?