Caparo T1 2007-2015

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Caparo T1 2007-2015

This model has been represented in Forza games as the
2013 Caparo T1 (FM6)


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A true racing car for the road, the Caparo T1’s stats were certainly impressive. 575 hp from an Indycar V8 propelling just 470 kg through a sequential 6-speed racing gearbox. Interestingly, all Mclaren road car engines are based on the same Nissan architecture. So, why did the T1 fail? Well, like most new cars, it made its way to Top Gear, where it had a lot of reliability issues, having also caught fire in Fifth Gear earlier. The company never recovered from the resulting bad publicity. Around 15-20 T1s exist today, with the company going into administration in 2015. Putting it in Forza would effectively solve its main issue according to Clarkson, which was a lack of grip at low speeds.


Caparo T1


Too bad it failed, it was the closest thing you could get to a roadlegal F1 car

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This is a car I fear is permanently lost to time. Still, thought the same of Schuppan, and yet we still got it. There’s hope yet.