Can't Use Mercedes FE Truck in Truck Race

Can’t Use Mercedes FE Truck in Truck Race

So what’s the point of having the truck in the game? Nobody will ever use a truck unless it is in a race, and the FE truck isn’t in any races.

It’s not classified as a Truck (vehicle classification is viewable in the Garage/Autoshow stat window). If I recall correctly, it’s Unlimited Off-road.

And yet, its another mess up from the devs because it should obviously be classified as truck.
We have barely 4-5 trucks to drive in the game, i have three of them, and none of them did count as eligible vehicles.

Pure lazyness from the devs that cant add the “FE” to whatever code they have to classify a vehicle as a truck.

I had to buy the unimog i didnt own to have a frikkin truck to be able to compete.

Im so tired of the devs not playtesting and making everything so frikkin moronic.

And guess what we dont even have a truck filter like we did in FH4. ZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

Maybe still not get used if there are better Unlimited Off-road vehicles. I think it should be a truck… maybe a rare truck.

I’d just like to know on what planet do the devs think a Truck can outright flog a supercar in a race. The way it handles corners is so unbelievable it’s not funny (not to mention it’s basically a rocket on a heavy duty chassis). I’m waiting for a motorised unicycle to be added to the game that can beat the Konesigg Jesko in a circuit or sprint race…

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Why would you compete a truck with a hypercar on road racing? It’s actually quite good on A class off road race.

I’ve beat Goliath with it, but when you have the option to choose a car who will pick the truck?

That’s why some races have restriction on car categories.

Watched one wipe the field in a street race.

I might. Trucks amuse me even when they’re not trucks.

The game has a Truck filter.

There are only 2 trucks in the game. That’s not a bug, that’s a design. There were only 3 in FH4. As for the filter, it’s there, check again. It will only show in your garage if you have a vehicle of that type, though.

Yes, i forgot that the filter doesnt show up, but why not? i had the two versions of the mercedes truck (normal and FE), and none of them were eligible.
I tuned the non FE version to S1, maybe that was the problem? is A class the limit on that event?

Yeah, class A is the limit.

Can you all stop crying about everything? You all are literally trying to with an issue in every single thing. Stop crying. L2p, git gud, learn how to play the game. Horizon is supposed to be about fun, it was their decision to make that thing an FE car, deal with it, move on. Wanna make your own FE car? Go on and create your own racing game… jeez… kids these days… complaining about literally everything. Just deal with it, move on with your life lol.

Funny that there are some player here in the forum to want the FE “Truck” banned from online racing as it is overpowered in its class (or at least these players think so). And now we have some here who think that nobody will ever drive this vehicle in an offroad event… or even online.

Even Don Joewon Song listed the Mercedes Benz Race Truck Forza Edition as one of the best cars in the whole Forza Horizon 5…especially for offroad racing.