Can't find setting to make game stop asking me to change difficultly

Yes, I’m losing races a lot and I don’t care. It makes it feel like I’m actually racing and find it boring to win all the time. I don’t want to lower the difficulty, but the game keeps bugging me to. Is there a setting to turn this off? I can’t find one anywhere in the menus.


I’ve never seen one. Yes, game, I know I keep winning - I’m not looking for a challenge, and it’s bad enough that you force me into Highly Skilled for seasonal events.


Yeah its anoying. Tried some Streetscene races on higher difficulty and took me lots of “restart event” and game says “You win easily”
The dialog needs some “Dont ask again” option


Agreed, this has always annoyed me too.

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Absolutely agreed. I think I’m on Expert at the moment, just about winning most of the races I’m trying. I tried Pro on it’s recommendation and could barely get past 10th. I’m not a brilliant racer, and an even worse tuner. Once I’ve got the accolades for winning every race I’ll probably bump up the difficulty to improve my skills, but I don’t want the game to be reminding me that I’m not in 1st every race and trying to get me to turn it down.

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Yeah it needs an option to turn it off… will we get one? I’m thinking 2029.


Motorsport had this little checkbox that you could tick to dismiss the suggestion completely. It was asked for on Horizon 4 as well but the devs didn’t see fit to implement it.

In my case I usually play on the average difficulty and it nags me occasionally to switch to a higher level because I’m winning too easily apparently.

These devs are so stubborn about implementing obvious solutions which are asked for by people, I don’t understand it but it’s infuriating at times.

Like I just had a load of auctions completed overnight and went to collect the credits. Heaven forbid that the game could collect the money for you automatically, which has been a feature asked for for years. Or even a ‘collect all’ button which you press yourself. Nope, still have to do each one individually. Argh.

Or the one where you change car outside, and then it asks you a second time to have it delivered.

Think in FH3 you had to pay for car delivery so it was showing this dialog. Not sure if it was in FH4 before unlocking something…
But yeah can be removed now and lots of other extra screens not adding new useless screens

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Yep. And then slowly pans round the car before you can do anything else, which doubles the effective loading time.

Or where you change to manual gears, and the game switches the controls so that you accidentally go back into your house 80% of the time, because you look at your map which is now go into your house.

This is genuinely the worst facet of the series and I’m baffled why it’s still in the game or who actually wants it there.


and like… how is this supposed to be a good experience for anyone?

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It is patronising hand-holding, as if people are too dumb to work out for themselves they could lower or raise the difficulty. Asking people to RAISE the difficulty is doubly stupid because in a very casual game, it should be recognised that many people may WANT an easy casual experience.

The game never stops bugging you for long. Online? Oh you disconnected. Look at this error message. Argh, ok, let me go offline then. Happy now? No! You are offline! Do you want to go ONLINE? Beep beep beep beep beep! Argh shut up…