You Win the championship! Nah, just kidding!

Why is this a thing? Does PGG enjoy infuriating players?
This is the third time since release that I’ve won a championship yet the game doesn’t acknowledge that fact and acts like I never even did it. This is absolutely ridiculous. Certainly an effective way to waste people’s time I guess.

Video for proof.


Are you sure that your difficulty setting is at least Highly Skilled?

It automatically switches to highly skilled, so yes.

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Known bug. If your game difficulty setting is lower than Highly Skilled it overrides the “custom” difficulty setting of Highly Skilled set by the seasonal championship and you will not get the award. Been there, done that.

Is that a known bug?.. it was a guess, but not a known bug.

I don’t think that’s a thing, because it’s happened to me three times total on all championships since the early release. I always race normally on average difficulty, and the majority of seasonal championships have been fine, but when this does happen it’s infuriating.

Happening to me, I set it to TOURIST to complete one of the requirements for…something…now I’ve completed the Championship (2 of them), and both have given me the finger with no reward or champion screen.


So even though the race is in HIGHLY SKILLED, because my last actual difficult setting was TOURIST it’s cheezing me?


If its like in FH4, you will get a msg telling you that your difficulty setting does not qualify to get the rewards.

So, if you didnt get the msg, you probably were already playing at highly skilled. So its bugged. What a surprise :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s no message because in FH5 the seasonal championships are supposed to be set to Highly Skilled automatically and it can’t be overridden in the race setup like it could in FH4. In FH5 the difficulty actually says “Custom” and it can’t be changed from there. The problem, as I said earlier, is that it’s not working properly and if your game difficulty is too low you can win the championship and not get the award. It happened to me three times. I haven’t had a problem with this known bug since I resumed my FH4 habit of always checking I have my difficulty set to Highly Skilled before starting each championship.

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You’ve posted this twice now over a couple of weeks. This is not FH4, the game has changed now. Highly skilled is now automatically applied to your seasonal races. You have stated that you no longer play FH5, if you’re not playing FH5 I don’t know why you are commenting.

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Did I watch the wrong video???
What does that have to do with difficulty. It glitches him back to freeroam. Happened to me in online racing after the championship ended

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Yeah, the seasonal champs are defaulted to Highly Skilled, but the game still recognises your underlying setting - if you have difficulty set to Unbeatable, and race the championship, it’s clear the AI is set at HS, but the game counts it as a win at Unbeatable and your accolades (“win 10 Road Races at Unbeatable Difficulty”, etc ) reflect this and award you a win at that level.

So it is quite possible that if you normally have your difficulty set lower than HS, the game is still seeing your level as too low to win the series.

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Perhaps Michael Masi is the Race Director for your seasonal championship.

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Too soon bro, too soon…LOL

At last it would be a reasonable explanation for that bug that only sometimes occur.

No proof needed. All they have to do is load up front page of youtube under “FORZA BROKEN”

I blew off family this holiday only to attempt a billion seasonal championships because there was one or two cars I wanted. That’s it.