Can we please get some sort of ballast system or I don't know air intake restriction?

Can we please get some sort of ballast system or I don’t know air intake restriction?

Gran Turismo has had systems like this in place since GT5 and with how long Forza has had a problem of cars needing to be built up massively past their stock capablity (sometimes ruining them) or just being caught in no man’s land where you literally can’t max out the class you are aiming for, ( or in some cases can’t max out a class at all with some cars in past games, And maybe even this one? I’m not sure…) I quite honestly can’t believe this hasn’t been addressed already.

We can already do it in a way by adding larger tires or reducing stock tires down to something like rally tires. But why do we have to go about this in roundabout inconsistent way? ( And in the case of rally tires drastically alter their performance of the car .) Why can’t we just be like hey add a 10 lb ballast or whatever till the car to bring it down a PI point so we can have it at the max of a class without the car becoming undrivable because we’ve had to up it from like 500 horsepower to 900 just to make a competitive at the top of a class because it started towards the bottom.

It would be nice to drive some of these cars at their close to stock performance without needing to butcher them with things like twin turbo and four-wheel drive swaps and putting LS engines in them just to get them where we want on the PI chart. It quite honestly seems like a waste to model some of these cars out in their factory performance when to make them competitive. If you want to play online, you just need to ruin the car in its entirety.


Totally agree, Forza desperately needs better fine tuning options to increase/decrease PI without having to resort to silly part combos and ridiculous rims to get the desired rating.