Can we create Supercars and Trans AM Divisions already?

Seriously need to clean up the GT category with all these obviously distinct cars with their own distinct characteristics


Trans AM:


Yes please, these cars don’t drive together in irl races either. Their performance is completely unrelated to eachother and shouldn’t be tried to balance out into one group.
Let each of these classes shine in their own performance!

Totally agree with you.
Most sensible post I’ve seen this week on the forum !
What do those silly Cadillac’s and Corvette’s with PI 890 do in GT3 class ? Get rid of 'em in this class !

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Voted on both.

Forza GT should be only GT3/GTE and GT4 cars in my opinion.


Preferably even with a split for these two, to set up for multiclass racing.

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Related suggestion:

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The problem is there’s only one GT4 car in the game…

Maybe they can do like PDI did for GTSport and GT7 and make some fictionnal race cars like a Viper GT4 or even a NSX GT4

I know, but my hope is more will get added in the future!
There’s enough GT4’s to vote on, see:
Alpine A110 GT4
Lotus Emira GT4
Maserati GranTurismo GT4
Mercedes AMG GT4
And there’s many more!

The reason I’d like to see the GT3/GTE and GT4 split is because the GT4 cars aren’t on the same build level as the others. The GT4 cars are often a lot closer to the road going versions of the car with a less extreme bodykit and aero package. Sure you can make up the difference by adding power, but the GT4 wasn’t built to reach those laptimes. It’s a great class for getting into GT racing.

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Yeah I totally understand !

They splitted these categories on GTSport and GT7 and I love it.

I just said they can add fictionnal race cars based on real road cars

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