Can someone explain why x-class isn't an option in online racing?

Could someone explain why x-class isn’t an option in online racing? Especially in Hot Wheels? Maybe explain it as if I was 5 years old because I really don’t understand why it’s not an option.

Because with the open end scale balancing would be even worse than in other classes (CCGT/Brabham/F1 GT/Mosler).
Because it really can’t be considered racing anymore with lateral g and speeds beyond everything you can see irl.
Because PG just does not care.

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You have to be matched with other people every 10 minutes, which is an incredibly high number of players playing X Class.

Given there’s no rank mode and no match making and no mechanism around cheating I say why not just add it. I think it would be a blast.

I also think it would attract enough players - probably even more than the B700 lobbies do.

Personally I would avoid it because it feels so wrong. More like Wipeout than Forza. It already starts in S2 with the Brabham and BTTB. They overdid the aero grip.

I quite like b-class to be honest.

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Me too. It’s my favourite bracket but the player count can be low with a lot of familiar faces.
A800+ attracts the majority.

The Brabham doesn’t really have any compromise. It does everything great so you’re not even sacrificing speed or acceleration for all that downforce like with the Vulcan and Intensa WP. At least BTTB hits a wall.

yeah :slight_smile: the Wipeout thing… its what i think of the orange tracks tbh…

The xbox servers aren’t fast enough for x class.

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My guess is it simply wouldn’t be balanced, 2 vehicles being X class is different from 2 vehicles being A or B class, it wouldn’t be fair. I mean there is already a difference depending on what vehicle you use for a specific class, but on X class you can have a vehicle that went through S1, S2 and barely reached X class, against other that was already at S2 and is well above X. Don’t know if Im explaining myself properly lol, but think about this: there are vehicles that have 1-2 upgrades available after reaching X class or maybe are 1 upgrade away from X class (wich would be like using a very slightly better S2) while there are others that can get 10+ after reaching X class (meaning it is way above the average S2). However… we don’t have ranked races, so it may not make much sense to keep it balanced… but still. Would be like the Boneshaker complaints but worse.

Brabham has very low Top Speed, so there’s definitely some sort of sacrifice. but it’s nonetheless insane

Probably the same reason D-class isn’t an option…