X Class is a Shambles

For the love of God… why doesn’t X class feature a ‘no collisions’ setting/mode?

Of course cars that are taking corners at an easy 120+ mph, with inexperienced drivers who either use the brakes too often or not enough, are going to cause havoc. Every single X class race I’ve been in, there’s always a huge pile-up of cars at the beginning of the race, which normally sends me into last position because I’m often the unlucky one. If there’s not a car pile-up (which there almost always is…), you will have some sore loser attempting to deliberately hit you out of the race the moment you overlap him.

I just completed a five-lap race on X class, on the Hockenheimring track, and I started off in 10th position but was put down to 16th due to the demolition derby at the beginning of the race. I had managed to make my way up to 2nd place by the last lap and was almost certain that I was going to take 1st in the last few corners, but nope… in comes the tosser in 14th place that I overlapped. I could just tell straight away that something was going to happen. I could see him gaining speed instead of getting ready to slow down. I managed to regain control of my car the first time I was hit, but then the driver did it again.

I ended up finishing 3rd overall, which isn’t bad, but the fact that my finishing position is determined by the sore losers that I over-lap is disheartening. A ‘no collisions’ mode is necessary for X class, in my opinion, or at least make it so people that you’re overlapping appear in ‘no collisions’ mode so they can’t hit you out of your position.

A report against their gamertag for ‘Unsporting Behavior’ isn’t going to make much of a difference, especially if they only play the game occasionally and doesn’t hit other players that frequently. I tend to contact the people who hit me, and some do seem apologetic about it, but most aren’t.

This happens every single race, and I’m contemplating whether or not I should continue to play the game.

Thanks for reading.

Lobbies are a joke, they all are. Most of us share your pain. There is a league that has collisions off but it’s A class, but even then people moan about leaderboard cars.

The online is in a dire state and hopefully something’s implemented before it turns people away. I’d like to hope T10 are planning a major roll of updates and small additions to make things better for us rather than cater for the 7 year old that’s just progressed from Mario Kart.


Thank you, thank you, thank you.

It’s pleasing to hear that there are other people in the community that feel the same way. I only found out about League today, but unfortunately it’s not something which would interest me because I buy Forza Motorsport games solely for X class, and the occasional bit of Tag with my friends.

I really do hope T10 are planning on making a few updates in the upcoming weeks, but I won’t be getting my hopes up.

I won’t do online unless it’s an online racing site’s championship, so there will only be one odd idiot out of 100, rather than 95 out of 100 in normal hoppers. Other than that, any ghosting leagues I’ll do, and leaderboards. Nothing else. I race to stop my blood boiling which is why I never go near FPS games, but this is just a joke. If it continues in the same way then my involvement with Forza 7 will be minimal. It’s a shame, because there are dedicated teams like the one I’m in and we can only do so much. If it wasn’t for my team mates, and those of us in the community here, I wouldn’t be here, I’d be twiddling my thumbs looking for another way to spend free time.

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I havent won in collision lobby yet. Its nightmare in the hoppers right now, even by forza standards. On top off adding more people, the added a armored truck. I think t10 realized theres alot of idiots with money.