I want to know if it is still worth buying fh2. I got fm5 and I am not really satisfied. IT didn’t have enough of what I wanted. And is fh2 a good game for drifting and drag

It would help if you told us what you were looking for that FM5 didn’t have. But I can say generally that Forza Horizon 2 is an awesome game. I’ve had tons of fun with it, and all I have is the 360 version! There are no actual drag races in the 360 version that I’m aware, but maybe someone else can confirm if the X1 version has it. As for drifting, it’s definitely present in this game. Regular drifting and e-drifting are recognized as different “stunts” and give different skill points because of it, and it’s not hard at all if you know anything about drifting. It’s one of the things I didn’t use to care about either way in other racing games but came to actually like while playing this one, who knows why.

Look at reviews or gameplay features.

Download the demo.

I can honestly say it’s one of my all time favorite games ever. I’m 36 and have been playing games since I was a small child.
After playing this I’ve not really played FM5 at all. I’d completed most of the career mode but found it a bit soulless if I’m being honest.
FH2 has so many different styles of gameplay that it has kept me gripped since launch.
I was never really a fan of open world games in general but this game is so well done, I’ll be playing for the foreseeable future.
I agree with the comments above about checking a few reviews, but I don’t think you’ll find many(any)bad ones.


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It’s a fun game.

Unless you play online, there are no specific events for drag racing. In online, they all take place at the airport, but it is an actual race feature in online multiplayer.

As for drifting, you are driving around in an open world environment and can drift to your hearts desire. That said, there are no actual races that require you to drift - you simply have the option to drift as you please.

But there are events that require you to rack up skill points! Pretty challenging, IMO, especially if you try to do it drifting and not just fly down the highway feeding off off near misses (like I always end up doing, hehe).

You have to fly down the nearest road racking up near misses WHILE drifting or you have to drift around the start area causing mass destruction, but yes Drifting is fun and there are some events that do somewhat call for it.

When i bought the xbox i was on the verge to buy fm5 or fh2, i went with fh2. Then i found a fm5 used copy for $20. I did 2 races on fm5, don’t play anymore and went back to fh2, fh2 its soo much fun, even the game presentation. Its not a simulation, but you would definately enjoy it.

I have two coworkers, that are ps4 fans and they sold theyre consoles to buy and x1 and fh2.