Forza Horizon 2 or Forza 4 for mainly drifting and having a good time?

I only have an Xbox 360 and I need to decide which game to get for Drifting… Forza 4 or Forza Horizon 2? which has better mechanics for drifting/tuning/customization etc… Just need to know what my best bet is! And explain why please! (PS - Im more of a JDM and tuner car kind of guy… not so much into the Supercars)

Thank you

Ive read that you cant tune cars in the Xbox 360 version of Horizon 2 so youll have more options with Forza 4.

FM4 if you want tuning. FH2 on x360 is FH1 physics, fyi

In my opinion, neither. Just because Forza 4 has a dead community (unless you like being one of ‘those points drifting guys’) while FH2 is lacking in most features for the Xbox 360. So save up some money and buy a One to get Forza Horizon 2 due to the amount of features it has over its 360 counterpart.

Horizon will have more players. FM4 will have better mechanics/tuning.

It’s a tough call really