Buy out prices

I have the vuhl and can only sell it for a little over 3 million and I’ve seen 2 people lower painting rank than me that were selling for 20,000,000. I’m a rank 4 and there are hardley any of these cars being auctioned. If they are hacking the some way then they need banned for life. Not sure if I’ll get forza horizon 5 now with this kind of stuff going on. The one painter was a level 1 the other I don’t remember 2 or 3. No tunes. Mines tuned and painted.


Also you can be a legendary painter selling someone else’s level 4 vinyl.

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Legend status is independent of rank, and rank doesn’t seem to show accurately quite often. When I ranked up others didn’t see it for a long time. I would suspect that is what happened.

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No. They were the painter on that car. Painter level 1. I’m painter level 4 and can’t sell mine for a 10th of their buy out.

Best thing is check their Creator Hub and see quantity of Paint, Tune and Vinyl Downloads. As Painter level has no indication over what you can sell cars at. You need 50,000 combine “Uses, Likes and Downloads” for Paint & Vinyls to be a Legendary Painter and then the same for Tunes to become Legendary Tuner. I had over 25,000 Downloads before becoming Legendary in both Painter and Tuner, as the Likes and Uses aren’t displayed. As far as I am aware theres no way to hack or alter these as this is server related and something thats out of the users control.

This is the correct answer. Painter level and the ‘Legendary’ status with the ability to sell cars for $20M are two completely separate things. Not tied to each other at all.

Also, the actual liveries on cars are not ‘Legendary’ and do not have a Legendary status. The status is given to the painter … not the design.

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But what’s in it for the buyer? Why on Earth would I want to pay twice as much money for a car because of the status of the seller? I paid a lot for my Hennessy Venom but it came with a unique livery.

Just dont buy it then
There’s almost always someone selling at a decent price
Not everyone is trying to rip others off with 20 mill on their cars that aren’t even worth that
If you paid over 1.2 mill for that Hennessey you overpaid
Still don’t know people would even pay 20 mill for any car in game
Not that credits are worth anything anyway

You didn’t answer my question. Where’s the value?


there is no value for the buyer

like i said…dont buy them at those prices

I’ll take a stab…

“Value” is in the eye of the beholder.

But to get to what you were speaking to, it all depends on how much of X is available and the pricing. But really, it’s not so much about what’s in it for the buyer as that it’s a seller perk. The buyer is only aware of the value of what’s before him/her available to bid on. To answer your question above, ‘why on earth…,’ well, you wouldn’t want to pay 2x more. Faced with a 500k bids to 2million bids, of course the low end 500k gets the bid. But if the available AH stock is dominated by top painter skill sellers with high end starting bids, OR if the AH stock is only a handful of 2 million bids, well then the buyer can either bid top dollar or wait for more stock. "What’s in it’ for the buyer is that he/she gets the car they want. But again, the ‘value’ of the perk is for the seller, and only factors in when there is a buyers market (when the AH is flush with X of every painter level, and the cheapest bids likely seeing majority of bid activity) or the desirability of the actual livery is high (circling back to subjective “Value” is in the eye of the beholder).

If you had a friend buying your car for 20M it would be like them gifting you 20M. So that’s one reason. I sometimes gift people 20M when their game has lost their saves.

I’m quite sure that there is a way to fool the system (aka cheat) by now. There are way too many people selling for 20 mil. There simply can’t be that many people having achieved the legendary status.

You get a plain black car that has 50000 downloads… and that’s probably because people work together to get legendary status.

These days I use my legendary painter status to sell rare/expensive cars for as little as possible now I’ve maxed out my credits. I regularly buy, paint, load good tunes and sell cars just to keep myself from hitting the max credits.

Its nice hoping someone who needed it got it however unlikely that is.

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I thought they got rid of this whole ‘legendary’ scam. Ugh. Hopefully next game.


How is it a scam? I want more prizes! I want a prize for 1M downloads.

Basic auction house functionality isn’t a ‘prize’.

Anything can be a prize, you can win a golden turd. You are given Auction House advantages by getting 50000 downloads, uses, or likes.

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