[bug] Weird - Holden V8 adds affinity to Holden but unlocks Ford badge?

Today I did the Mount Panorama endurance showcase in the Holden #97 Tekno Autosports VF Commodore. After winning the event I filled several bars of my affinity towards Holden (from 0 all the way to +/- 8 I think), but straight after that I also got a popup notification that I unlocked the affinity badge for Ford. Huh? I went to look at my badges and indeed, the one from Ford was suddenly unlocked. For the record, I don’t have level 25 affinity for any brand yet, not Ford, not Holden, not anything.

I also didn’t receive any new mod but I hope I’m not going to miss out on the one from Ford once it reaches 25 affinity because I now already have the badge unlocked due to a bug.

Ok a similar bug just happened again! I completed the Daytona 300 endurance race in the Peugeot racecar. As soon as the race ended I got a notification my Audi badge unlocked. Then after a few clicks my Peugeot affinity level increased from 1 to 16 or something.

It happens to be that the wrong badge that is unlocked is also from other cars you can choose from. The other 2 options were Audi racecars. In that previous mentioned bug, a Ford was also another option apart from the Holden.

If its like in the demo, then the cars that are showed to choose from are displayed in a random order. My Peugeot was the first car shown I believe. I think the bug is related to that, some part of the code probably think one of the Audi’s is the first car, so it thinks that huge chunk of affinity XP will be added to Audi and I would probably have gotten to level 25. So the badge mistakenly unlocks. But later the XP is added to Peugeot instead. Neither Audi or Peugeot are at level 25 but the badge is unlocked by this bug.

Turn 10 I hope you can fix this soon as it will become very difficult to keep track at which brands you have maximum affinity for or not, since the badge info is incorrect.

you can check your affinity level by looking at your profile…will also tell you after each race what your affinity is up

very weird…seems to be a few issues with the affinitys though…some peoples badges dont pop at all

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